Brooks Pure Connect Running Shoe Review

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4 Responses

  1. Kyle says:

    Those looks so epic, and sound great too.

  2. 44pullups says:

    Shame on the 4mm raised heal as it looks good otherwise. NB will offer us zero-drop with their second version spring 2012. Until then, it’s all vibram all the time.

  3. Different running shoes accommodate different runners. I always get the question of what is the best running shoe? I tell them, there isn’t one for all people. For someone who is transitioning to minimalist running, this is a good option I feel. But if you want the barefoot experience, you might want to stick with the Vibrams for the time being. There are a lot of running shoe options on the market today and they all fit a particular style of running and runner.

  4. Mike says:

    I actually appreciate the 4MM drop. Concrete is unforgiving, and running form can get sloppy at the end of long, exhausting efforts. These are super comfortable, light, and responsive. Not everyone can/wants to run 20+ miles on asphault with VFFs or NB Minimus (with it’s funky toe box). Maybe we aren’t meant to run in shoes, but we aren’t meant to sit at a desk for 10 hours then run in a concrete jungle, either. This shoes is a great break from tradition and the direction in which “standard” running shoes should be moving. Let the I-know-better-than-you minimalists run in their sandals or unshod… for the masses, this is far better than the typcal shoe with 10mm of drop and overly complicated support. Baby steps…

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