Asics GEL 1150 Running Shoe Review

Adam B

Adam is an outdoor sports enthusiast with a specific passion for running, racing, cycling, and triathlon. When he's not out racking up miles in Denver, Colorado, he runs a small graphic design and web firm. Adam enjoys all types of outdoor adventures in the beautiful Colorado mountains!

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  1. ZRod says:

    While skipped over by some runners for it’s “affordable” price tag, the Gel-1150 deserves some attention for doing what it does without all the bells, whistles, and hoop-la. It’s a basic, dependable training shoe that keeps you moving on down the road. The bonus here is that for the price tag, you can buy two pairs for the price of those “high end” shoes, and not feel guilty about using them as gym cross trainers. I love the one’s I tested!

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