Mizuno Wave Rider 13 Running Shoe Review

Adam B

Adam is an outdoor sports enthusiast with a specific passion for running, racing, cycling, and triathlon. When he's not out racking up miles in Denver, Colorado, he runs a small graphic design and web firm. Adam enjoys all types of outdoor adventures in the beautiful Colorado mountains!

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  1. Dubl D says:

    Adam says, “The 13 has changed little from last year’s model,” (WaveRunner 12) however, I felt differently. Yes, the collar is more snug and the eyelets accomodate this function. But the midsole cushioning is almost too cushy soft, adding to possible stability issues. As well, I sensed the midsole plate was thiner and more flexible, contributing to the lower stability feel. The toe box has slightly less room and the insole has been changed also. Overall, the shoe has had modifications in almost every arena, though subtle. I feel the shoe is better for the runner with a natural heal strike and under 160 lbs.

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