Mizuno Wave Rider 14 Running Shoe Review

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  1. Mariann says:

    Thanks for the post. I loved the previous Wave Riders and tried these out this morning and my big toe is still feeling the rub. Visually, you can see the width difference of the toe box between the 13 and 14. I appreciated the arch support in the Wave Rider, even in this model, but really, my toes were not happy. These may have to go back and I’ll seek out another 13. Thanks again.

  2. Deanna says:

    I just bought these shoes and tried them out immediately. I have very narrow feet and need the arch support so these shoes worked very well for me.

  3. Dave says:

    This review is actually inaccurate. The Wave Rider 14s are actually an ounce heavier than the 13s. And therein lies the problem. The 14s are heavier, bulkier, and clunkier than the 13s and previous versions… along with a higher heel.

    Mizuno really messed up this version. I’ve been loving the Riders since the WR 10. In my opinion, the 13 is the best shoe I’ve ever worn. I was so disappointed with the 14s. I’ve put only 60 miles on them, and I can’t wear them anymore. Too uncomfortable.

    I contacted Mizuno about this, and they admit that they’ve been hearing quite a few complaints about the 14. Fortunately they’ll be releasing an updated version of the WR 14 in July that addresses some of these problems. And, they did stress that the Wave Rider 15s coming out in December will return to the design features of the 12 and 13.

    Glad they’re listening.

  4. alexandra nockengost says:

    i just got the wave rider 14 and they suck big time! I’m an all time runner, luv the stuff! But after about putting 60- 70 miles or so on them, my feet hurt like f**k. And yes, the running specialists recommended it for me. honestly, the shoes feel heavier, my heels feel kind of trapped in place, my whole foot has No wiggle room ( i need some) and you know what, this shoe has about as much cushion as a rock to me! If ya’ ask me I say people would by the shoes if they stayed the way they like them, color change is fine but not to change the shoes comfort features or material!( this goes out to all the runners that look to get that same shoe they had that was perfect for them:) I ain’t ever buying these crap shoes or brand ever again, mostley because, well, they messed up my feet!!!!!!!!

  5. Roberta says:

    Was toatlly stuck until I read this, now back up and running.

  6. Tracy says:

    I have to agree with the comments already given. I too was extremely dissapointed in the WR 14. I have had the 11, 12 & 13 WR & loved the shoe. When my WR 13 wore out I automatically bought the Wave Rider 14, have ran approximately 60 miles or so too and have been finding that my achilles tendon started bothering me, my toes are sore, my arch feels “off”….the shoes feel heavier:(
    VERY frustrated after making this investment and now not knowing what to buy!!!
    Races coming up and I may have to resort to my worn out WR 13!!
    Why Mizuno would change a good thing is beyond me!!

  7. Gabriel says:

    I was about to buy the 14s but thanfully I did some review searches. I won’t buy them now and I am looking at some 12 and 13s. thanks for the help guys!

  8. Miles says:

    I loved my WR 13s so much! They comformed to my feet and were so light and cushiony! I was hoping to get the same result from these 14s but I haven’t. When I first got them and put them on, I was very disappointed in how unnatural this shoe felt. I thought that I Would have to break them in but that was not the case. This shoe has the hardest foam I have ever felt and it feels so unnatural. The material does not comfort to my feet. The shoes feels so plasticy and synthetic. Bring cotton shoe strings back mizuno!

  9. MikeT says:

    I want to throw my .02 in here I have been on the WR kick for my last 6 sets of runners, so I naturally just bought the 14 when it was time. What a mistake, my toes have never been so sore, after long runs > 15K my entire foot just has an ache. Mizuno has really screwed up a new shoe. Not sure if I will go back.

  10. Melissa says:

    Totally disagree with this review. If you liked the former Wave Riders, you will be devastated with this one. The new one is horrible. It’s narrower, heavier, and is way too high around the ankles, which causes a lot of pain and blisters. I’m now struggling to find a new shoe to run in that was as good as the old Wave Rider.

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