Reebok Premier Zigfly Running Shoe Review

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2 Responses

  1. Shannon says:

    Of course, the Zig Fly’s come in a women’s model for Spring 2011. Here are a few impressions of the shoe from a female point of view:
    1. Pretty comfy with good energy return when running on pavement.
    2. Loose rocks and small pieces of crushed limestone can and will get lodged in the grooves when running on gentle-around town trails.
    3. Super-breathable mesh upper that is great for warmer days. However, the black coloring of this shoe counteracts this feature. Perhaps a wider offering of colors for the ladies, including a white or gray upper?
    4. The heel region seems a bit shallow. Plenty snug for a small heeled gal, but I felt that I was slipping out of these shoes with midfoot and forefoot striking.
    5. The Foot Locker website states that they will retail for $119.99 when they are available. However, the Reebok site itself does not mention the Zig Fly as an offering, despite the Feb. 1, 2011 release date (which has since passed). I will update when additional spec information are available.
    6. A tad higher profiled that I tend to gravitate towards in a neutral trainer.
    7. Despite their standout outsole appearance (shape and bright pink color), the Zig Fly offer a pretty smooth ride.

    I will be interested to see the longevity of the ZigTech sole. Please check back for updates!

  2. Alex R says:

    As a runner who likes the tried and true, no frills running shoe, taking a first glance at Reebok’s Premier ZigFly, made me bit unsure of what to expect. So as I headed out for my first run in these colorful shoes I decided to be cautious and opt for a 5 mile run around my neighborhood on sidewalks and streets. This run proved to be the first of many runs of various distances in these incredibly comfortable and responsive shoes. The ZigFly design provides a snug, flexible and cushioned footbed and heal cup. Lacing the ZigFly’s up for the first time I was pleasantly surprised by how the shoe conformed to my foot as well as how breathable the upper portion of the shoe was. Made of a synthetic mesh, the upper portion of the shoe allows for maximum breath-ability and airflow through the shoe. The sole and outsole of the Premier ZigFly is created of slick blown rubber which provides for optimal traction control on any surface.

    Reebok’s Premier Zig Fly sole’s are comprised of a series of deep grooves, creating their pattened zigzag design. These grooves are intended for increased flexibility, responsiveness and energy in each foot strike. Testers found that small rocks would often get lodged in the grooves, but were easily removed. Reebok also boastes that the Premier Zig Fly design also propels you forward and reduces muscle fatigue on runner’s shins. I found that I could say one way or another whether these shoes reduced muscle fatige or that the shoes propelled me forward, but I what I did find was that the Zig Fly’s gave me increased engergy and bounce in each step.
    Overall I was extremely impressed with the design and support that the Premier ZigFly provided. This shoe was very responsive to each foot strike and extremely comfortable for long and short runs.

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