New Balance RC 1400 Running Shoe Review

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2 Responses

  1. Shannon says:

    A shoe that comes in the same colors for men and women? Yep, the women’s model looks identical and makes reaching for the right shoe in the dark a challenge. Fortunately, I would not get too far with my husbands shoe, as he wears a 12.5 and I wear only a 9.5.
    With that said, I think they look great on both sexes; guys, if you haven’t noticed brighter and lighter is the trend and it seems that with the 1400 you get to embrace both qualities.
    Now onto the specifics of the women’s 1400. For starters, it weighs a mere 5.7 ounces (for a size 7, I believe). This is an amazing feat by New Balance to create a comfortable shoe that doesn’t feel like you are pounding the pavement with each stride. I have requested the heel-toe drop from New Balance and will publish this when available. It feels greater than the Minimus WR 10s heel-toe drop of 4 mm, thus making the RC 1400s a good transition shoe for those that are used to the industry standard of about 10-12 mm. The RC 1400s are a great travel shoe because they are so flexible, light weight, and take up virtually no room in your bag.
    The upper is seamless and has a nice snug, but not overly tight wrap for my average width foot. There is plenty of room in the toe box without feeling too clunky. My only beef is with the tongue (no joke intended), which has a habit of rolling up on itself while in use and creating some bunching when worn with socks. I found the RC 1400s to be comfortable in races up to a half marathon, and am looking forward to seeing how they do over time and in longer races, ie a marathon.

  2. ZRod says:

    Okay, so it’s no secret – I love REV lite. The New Balance team put a TON of R&D into conceptualizing, creating, and manufacturing REV lite, and it shows. You won’t find a more comfortable running experience out there, and it snugly conforms to the individual shape of your foot after only a few runs. Yes, as Kevin points out, there is the drawback of decreased mileage. This is now the third pair of REV lite shoes we’ve tested this year, and each pair has lasted approx 300-350 miles. My feeling is that the RC 1400 will last slightly less than this, as there is (to put it simply) less material here. When stacked up against other shoes, this means that you would be buying shoes almost twice as much.

    One great addition to this shoe over some others in the New Balance line up is the seamless upper. Shannon touches on it briefly, but it really deserves more mention. Seamless only begins to describe just how remarkable it feels. Really the only shoe on the market that even begins to compare to it are the Nike Frees. It almost feels like a sock itself. You would think this would get restrictive during longer runs, but it doesn’t. As for the sock issue described above, just use a synthetic sock with them as opposed to a cotton sock – bunching issue resolved.

    I would definitely give these a spin before purchase. Any bonafide running store offers a 30 day try-it-and-return-it policy, so I’d take them up on the offer before committing. As for myself, the comfort and flexibility afforded by a shoe that matches up with your foot perfectly is well worth the extra money spent. Plus, if you’re buying shoes twice as often, you can try out all the colors. Happy running.

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