Outdoor Research Echo Duo Tee Review

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22 Responses

  1. Bentley says:

    How do I enter the contest?

  2. SK says:

    I would use this shirt for canoeing some of the interior lakes of BC this summer. This is because I would like to have something that is equally comfortable to wear under a PFD as it is without (as I catnap on a secluded beach).

  3. All you need to do is post how you would use the shirt here in the comments section.

  4. Josh says:

    I think wearing a tech shirt like this one would be great as I train for and run/hike the Presidential Traverse here in New Hampshire’s amazing White Mountains this fall. Sounds like one hell of a shirt.

  5. Todd Mower says:

    I would use the Echo Duo Tee while boating in the hot summer months here in North Carolina. The temperatures average between 80-100 from June-Early September so the 15UPF sun protecion would help from burning. Plus I sweat like crazy so the Polygiene Technology would help neutralize any odor while on the boat all day.

  6. Kelli says:

    I would wear this shirt while backpacking in the Pacific Northwest! Lightweight, comfortable, UPF protection & anti-smell-o-vision? Yes, please!

  7. Barry Walstead says:

    This would be the PERFECT shirt to wear for long days on the standup board. Not only would it protect me from the sun, but I would stay cool and breezy all day no matter how hot it gets!

    And on the super plus side when I come home my wife wouldn’t have to hide in fear because I would be smelling fresh like the ocean thanks to the magical qualities of this shirt!

    Outdoor Research, Designed By Adventure, Designed For Me!!!

  8. Scott taylor says:

    I would use it while hiking or trail running in South Cumberland State Park!

  9. Bill Wolverton says:

    I would wear the Echo Duo shirt while running along the Chesapeake & Delaware canal this summer while training for the Outer Banks marathon this fall.

  10. Matthew says:

    I owned two of the Outdoor Research Sequence Duo Tees, which performed fantastically on a summer ascent of Ben Nevis along with a number of other munros. Since I’ve got a big engine that puts out a lot of heat, I love the wicking capabilities of OR’s fabrics! I’d love to give the Echo Duo Tee a try as I climb around Devil’s Lake on my summer tour of Wisconsin’s Ice Age Trail. I suspect this would be good too for paddling the urban canyons of my home in Chicago!

  11. Bill Noyes says:

    I’d use it for hiking with my wife and her friends. As I am the only husband willing to get up early for thier hikes, I’m the designated driver, photographer, bug killer, and occasionally pack mule.

  12. Tracina says:

    I could use one! I’m taking my group of spec. ed. kids hiking next week to learn about ecosystems.

  13. dave says:

    Oh jeesh. Usually I wear shirts like this while doing just about everything… including heading into town!

    But if I had to pick just one, it would be rock climbing in the Adirondack Park this summer. We recently moved here and are novice climbers (at best), but have met a fantastic group of friends who are eager to get us out on the rock.

    I think the Echo Duo Tee would be a nice fit as I finally learn how to properly hand jam!

  14. MISSY JOHNSON says:


  15. greg nickel says:

    Am thinking looks like a good one to wear on a kayak trip.

  16. Bob says:

    I would wear Echo Doo Tee to do trail running

  17. Amy Ronfeld says:

    I would sport that shirt running through the wildwood trails in Portland, Oregon! Must look great at all times!!

  18. David Lawton says:

    I would wear with pride the Outdoor Research Echo Duo Tee while hiking in Wicklow Mountains National Park this summer.

  19. Constance says:

    I would make good use of this shirt because I walk on the beach, work out in a pool and swim. Because the shirt has spf, it would be very useful against sun damage. I do agree that a higher spf would make me happier. The tighter fit would be useful in the water. I also travel a lot and the lightweight, quick dry feature works really well for traveling and packing light.

  20. Christina says:

    It seems that the Echo Duo Tee would be perfect to wear while I’m training for my first half marathon. I live in Texas and the heat here is no joke, so the light weight and the polygiene in the arm pit areas would be fabulous. I also like to occasionally run at night, so the reflector strips would be a great safety feature as well!

  21. Eugenie says:

    I would wear this shirt when I am hiking. Its light weight would be comfortable when I’m on the trail all day. I sweat easily so the Polygiene would be great to keep me from stinking too much.

  22. Tiffany Chang says:

    I would wear this shirt this summer to my high school cross-country team outing in Tahoe because…

    1. My freshman xc season through my Junior xc season I was always on the line between jv and varsity, and as an upcoming senior captain I need to be on varsity to gain my team’s respect. The lightness of the echo duo tee would allow me to ascend Squaw Mountain at least 7.2 times faster than the underclassmen girls wearing cotton or traditional athletic shirts, thus demonstrating my speed and gaining me cred early on in the season, which will later allow me to more effectively lead my team to win league in November. Echo duo tee = 1st place in Bay Counties League and seven ecstatic teenage girls

    2. The built in polygiene will keep me smelling fresh when I return from a run to the cabin to play banangrams with incredibly fit senior guys.
    Echo duo tee with polygiene = first love

    Thus, if
    echo duo tee = league title + first love
    league title + first love = year to remember,
    echo duo tee = year to remember.

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