INKnBURN Women’s Running Apparel Review

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  1. Running Nut says:

    Hi LoriL! It was awesome to see Ink n’ Burn in your article since is a relatively new company. I, too, have Ink n’ Burn clothing and LOVE them so much… that company has got it all… GREAT FIT, GREAT FEEL, GREAT LOOK! I thought it was a little pricey, but once I got my first order I was totally hooked! I probably spend more on clothing that gets worm out and looks bad. So, in the end, I feel great in the clothes and happier on the road. Thanks Ink n’ Burn and thanks again for the article!

  2. Chris Price says:

    I love ALL my InkNburn gear. Ran in my Ink shirt FTW at the Santa Monica Mtns 50k… The shirt held up great, and was the perfect amount of protection from the elements (it poured most of the race). I was wearing my Hollywood Dragon shorts for that race as well, super comfy, never any chafing in those puppies. Love my Rock’n’Roll tank, wearing it right now to go preview the Calico 50k course with my wife =)

  3. Keira Henninger says:

    I live in all my INKnBURN gear. I live in my women’s running shorts. I have every style, and I couldn’t imagine running in anything else again. They are comfy, soft, don’t chafe, and the pockets are the best. I also love my jog bra. It’s the first jog bra I have ever worn that does not rub or chafe on me, and it’s supportive, and does not strain or pull on my neck or shoulders. I will never run in any other running apparel again. The bonus: I look great. I love that my running clothes stand out from everyone else. INKnBURN rocks!!

  4. Jesse Haynes says:

    I have been running in the shorts since their inception. Up until I was introduced to Ink n Burn I would only race in the super short shorts but I have to say that even the longer style short is super comfortable. I just completed the Red Rock 50 mile in Santa Barbara and my shorts and shirt kept me dry the whole race! I have done runs up to 30+ miles without using any anti chafe products and had no trouble. The Ink n Burn gear is all I will run in. What can I say you get what you pay for high tech wear with amazing designs that turn heads!

  5. Michelle Barton says:

    INKnBURN apparel makes me feel fast, cute, amazing and powerful when I train and race.
    The proof is in the pudding, this year alone I’ve won 24 trail races in distances from 4 mile Mud Runs to a 125 mile (6 day) race across the Rocky Mountains in Colorado!!
    Every race I wore INKnBURN apparel. In my world there really is no other brand I would even consider!!
    Ever since 2009, I live in INKnBURN. I adore the wild edgy graphics, flattering fit, soft feel of the fabrics and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love the flattering cut of the shorts and the option to fold down the waist.
    My favorite design is ‘LUST’. You can’t go wrong with black and white. I wear the ‘lust’ shorts running, mountain biking, to my pool, around town to Starbucks, you get the picture…good thing I have 3 pairs!!
    On my training runs, I never had a place to hold my car key, and now I do. The INKnBURN jog bras are very supportive and incorporates a genius ‘hidden pocket’ that fits whatever ‘secret’ small item you wish.
    I use and abuse INKnBURN apparel on a daily basis and I wouldnt have it any other way!!
    Thank you INKnBURN, I look forward to your next designs as much as I look forward to my next trail race!!! I am fan for life!!!

    Michelle B.

  6. LoriL says:

    Keira thanks for the comment – I’ll take your approval of the jog bra to mean that it also works well for women who have [ahem] a little more going on up top than I do. Happy trails, sista.

  7. HollyM says:

    I happened upon INKnBURN in March at the LA Marathon expo. I initially fell in love with the ‘Lust’ design. That shirt was my first purchase. I am a seasoned marathoner and know better than to wear anything new on race day. After examining the silky shirt and being told 100M+ ultrarunners favor it, I went ahead and wore it for the first time at the LA Marathon. I was never so comfortable! Since then, I have become a collector of INKnBURN. I feel like Im not just wearing a tech shirt, but a piece of art as well.

    The shorts are a brilliant design – yes, they flatter the backside and I immediately threw away all my shorts that look like ‘diaper butt’. I rejoiced!!!

    The sports bra is comfortable for a busty runner – great support, and love the hidden pocket!

    Sleeves are awesome! I am always amazed at how warm they keep me, love em!

    Overall I believe in this company. Great product made by great people! ♥

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