Garmin Fenix 3 Watch Review

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2 Responses

  1. Jim Gray says:

    First, it is my understanding to disable notifications on the fenix 3, they have to be turned off on your phone, in my case an iPhone 6, as there is now way to pick and choose which notifications you receive on the watch/device itself. Is that the case? If so, I don’t want to disable notifications via my phone as I want to receive notifications on my phone. I really don’t care when I’m “out there” that I miss an email, or a Facebook notification or a call, but it’d be nice to use that function from time to time. Secondly, your charging photo is not of the fenix 3 is it? because the charging nodes are on the bottom of the device and the watch itself fits in a cradle to charge and/or update.

  2. Kevin Fonger says:

    Hi Jim, to turn off notifications, you need to go to the settings menu in Garmin Connect on your phone, here you can turn on or off notifications such as facebook, twitter, email, text messages, etc. The notifications in Garmin Connect only affect your watch, not your phone.

    The charging photo is the Garmin Fenix 3. The charging nodes are on the bottom of the watch and those nodes connect to a charging device that cradles the watch. I hope this info helps and please let me know if you have any other questions.


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