Costa Del Mar Blackfin Sunglass Review


Shannon, our fabulous female tester, takes gear testing to a new level for women. When not at work or school, she is most likely training for a marathon, climbing one of Colorado’s tallest peaks, riding her road bike, or skiing down a mountain slope. Like many women, Shannon gets cold easily, therefore, we try to test the best all weather gear to help her stay warm and dry during all day outdoor pursuits. In the warmer months, Shannon enjoys exploring the Colorado backcountry with her friends and dogs and attempts to escape for as many trail runs as her schedule allows. Shannon is a great women’s tester because she gives readers true insight into how a product may perform for an active woman.

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6 Responses

  1. chris carella says:

    Their warranty is nothing short of hoops for you to jump through. what they call a temple (the arm) broke on mine 3 times at the same place and they charged me. Even the “warranty proccess fee” of $11. would more then cover 95% of repairs.


  2. jason says:

    i would have to say costa has great costumer service has treated me great i have 2 pairs and my harpons were 2 years old i dropped the broke both lense 580 and broke frame in two places now i dropped theme frome about 20 feet on to asphalt so that is to be expected they sent me a brand new pair for $89 to me that is great customer service costas are better than my muijims are the ray bans great classes

  3. jeff says:

    I have a pair of $160 Blackfins. After 9 months, the rubber coating is peeling off the bottom of the frames. Their warranty dept told me send in and if they cover it, it will still cost me $12. In my opinion, that’s poor customer service on overpriced sunglasses.

  4. Mike Wright says:

    I was considering buying a pair of costa’s but after reading how there warrantee apears to be nothing more than an advertising gimick I will buy a pair of glasses from some one with a decent customer svc program I don’t beleve I should have to pay for warranty after I pay $200 for a pair of sun glasses

  5. Dean says:

    Costa delmar has the worst warranty out there my lens on the 580 swordfish broke and I sent them back only to find out it would cost me another 100,00 bill, never again.overpriced junk

  6. chip says:

    Great service for me! I had a pair of costas i bought in 1999. A friend of mine broke the arm off around 7 years ago. I put them away and forgot about them. A friend told me costa would cover it under warranty. I sent the discontinued pair to costa and for $11.95 plus shipping they sent me a new pair of blackfins. They stood behind their product and i will always do business with them!

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