Native Endura Sunglasses Review

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  1. T. Mower says:

    I bought a brand new pair of Stussy sunglasses a few years ago and left them at yearly work picnic. I was playing horseshoes and a co-worker who was joking around poured some of his beer on my head. I took the sunglasses off and forgot I left them on the table. I went back to the park the next day after realizing I left them and nobody turned them in. Imagine that brand new pair of Stussy sunglasses.

  2. jason says:

    hey those waves look fun. famous last words as i ditched my stuff on the beach at manuel antonio costa rica and ran into the surf with my fav pair of polarized sunglasses. first wave that hits me, tosses me around and as i come up exhilarated i realize my glasses are off and gone forever. maybe they’ll wash up on a beach here in Vancouver, bc someday for me to find?

  3. Bill Noyes says:

    Being a life-long wearer of prescription glasses, I never owned a nice pair of sunglasses. So when I got Lasek a few years back, the first then I did was go out an get a $200 pair of stylish, polarized shades. About two weeks later, I’m at a soccer field with my daughter, when her coach asks if I can help warm up the girls (12-year-olds), so I’m playing goalkeeper while they dribble and shoot at me. My wife says, your going to break your new sunglasses, and I look at her, “What?” Whack! a girl catches me right in the temple with a hard shot, and the glasses go flying in two pieces! I’m just lucky that the broken plastic did not cut me or end up in my eye.

  4. dustin says:

    The last pair of sunglasses I broke broke when I was riding my mountain bike and the person riding in front of me whipped the branch of a tree back and it hit me directly in the face and gouged both lens. It hurt.

  5. Trey says:

    The first pair of “expensive” sunglasses I ever owned was a pair of Oakleys when I was about 12. After having them for about two weeks, I was out rockclimbing and they fell off while goofing around and put a huge gouge in the right lens. I was so mad that I’ve never owned a “nice” pair of sunglasses since.

  6. Nick Wojtasik says:

    When I was eleven I found a brand new pair of Oakleys at a picnic table at a park I frequented. When biking with my dad a few weeks later, the sun had gone behind the clouds so I put the Oakleys on my head. A gust of wind blew the glasses off my head and onto the road where a car ran over them and they were crushed.

  7. Nikki Smith says:

    I was laying out on the bow of the boat when my Dad asked me to check the anchor on our boat. I dove off the boat at Clay beach (Lake Charlevoix, MI) to “cool off” and make sure that the anchor was set. There is a very distinct line where the bottom goes from about 1.5 feet to 45 feet deep in about a 4 foot distance. Obviously, I dove toward the deeper section to avoid bottom and get close to the anchor. Needless to say, the anchor was set just fine, I was definitely cooled off and was lacking a brand new pair of Smith’s. I’ve been rocking hand-me-down and gas station sunglasses ever since. I think I’m ready for the responsibility of nice new sunglasses again.

  8. Bill says:

    So, this is more about my father, however I was responsible for this…

    My parents I were in Aruba on vacation. We went and played out in the waves together, and my dad (who’s practically blind without his glasses) turned his back to a wave and his prescription sunglasses got knocked off his face.

    I dove around a bit trying to find them, but they were gone. “No big deal” he said, and he grabbed his normal glasses from the beach and got back in the water. *BOOM* another wave hits him and his glasses fly off again! (First time I’d ever heard my dad drop the F bomb hah!). So, I decided I HAD to find his glasses this time.

    While diving around, I stood up to tell him I couldn’t find them, and a wave hit ME from behind, knocking off my $50 dive mask… :(

    We left that beach, he found a small eye doctor and bought some new prescription sun glasses.

    The next day, we decided to rent jet skis. Me, thinking it would look awesome, opened the throttle, and drove straight towards him, cutting at the last second and creating a TIDAL WAVE, which washed over him.

    As I was laughing hysterically, I noticed that all of a sudden, he wasn’t wearing his new sunglasses anymore…

    The rest of the trip was a bit rough on him… but luckily we only has two days left on the trip, and he had found some contacts to make due with. lol… he still busts my chops over that to this day.

  9. James Gill says:

    I have been through 3 pairs of the same sunglasses. I bought my first pair of rayban predator “H” sunglasses in 1998. They travelled with me through europe for a summer. They were my constant companion for a couple years, until one day I was sure they were stolen while I was at the gym. So I bought a second pair. After several hikes up the Black Tusk in Garabaldi park (beautiful bc) or different adventures up the Sunshine Coast, or the Oregon coast the right arm broke on pair number 2. I was crushed. A day later, I found pair number 1 – turns out they were in a seldom worn jacket!

    A couple years later the left arm broke on pair one when a plank hit me in the face (not the best carpenter am I. I used its good right arm to repair pair number 2 (see, it pays too keep some stuff).
    Then one day pair number 2 broke when I was playing with my daughter at the park – just bent over to pick something up off the ground, and they fell and broke in the middle. No chance to fix them, and I could not fix pair number one.

    Pair #3 was just stolen from my car 3 days ago. With three children now, it would be hard to put up the cash for such a great pair of sunglasses, so I am entering this contest, as the glasses described sound like a perfect fit for my face. Fingers crossed – James

  10. Megan Gamble says:

    I used to own a pair of Native sunglasses (which I loved). I was on a roadtrip over Christmas to visit family and went to get my sunnies from the glovebox (where I was sure I had put them the night before). They weren’t there nor were they anywhere in the front seat area. I figured maybe I had them on my lap and they fell out (which was unlikely) but how do you lose a pair of sunglasses in the front seat? Turns out a few days later we noticed that our CD cases and a few other items were missing. Apparently someone had broken into the car and taken what they could -including my glasses.

  11. Randy says:

    I had some Ray Bans years ago that I really liked. I took a camping vacation trip with my future wife and her family through the Rocky Mountain states. We always picnicked for lunch at a roadside park or table. At one of these stops my wife and I had to get away for a little while and took a short walk in the National Forest we were stopped at. Well, after a heated makeout session my RayBans must still be laying on the forest floor where I forgot them.

  12. Sue D says:

    I usually buy inexpensive glasses because I tend to leave them unattended. For example, if I had a quarter for every pair of sunglasses I’ve sat on, I could just go out and buy these. Now I’m not saying that my butts that big……..

  13. Andi says:

    It was right after Titanic came out, and I had just gotten a new pair of Oakley’s. My friends and I were jumping of a bridge all day at this sweet spot called Rock creek. Then at the end of the day we were standing on the bridge and since the sun was going down my glasses were on the top of my head. we were all trying to spit off the bridge just like in the movie, so I leaned back and put all I had into hawking a big one over the edge, but sadly my spit was weak, and my glasses went flying off my head into the dark water below. It was a very sad end to a fun day.

  14. Paulo says:

    I thought I’d save money by buying a pair of glasses at a certain discount superstore. My thrifty self searched out a style I liked and thought, “why pay more for sunglasses?”. I even got some decent ones for a “good deal” (I paid $10 for them.)

    That afternoon I went up a mountain to meet with friends (looking pretty cool with my new shades). After getting out of the car I walked inside the hotel and hung the glasses on my shirt.

    When my friends walked in we did the usual hug exchange. I looked down in dismay to see that my “expensive” sunglasses had snapped into two pieces.

    A little sad and determined not to waste too much more money I returned to said superstore and bought another pair of the same model (surely I wouldn’t be stupid enough to make the same mistake). Well they didn’t meet the same fate, I lost the second pair… on the same mountain by the end of the week.

    Not to be phased I went back and bought the final pair of matching sunglasses. History repeated itself. Another hug, two more pieces of sunglasses.

    That summer I think I went through over more than $60 worth of $10 sunglasses. For the next three years I never bought a pair. Even now it’s a touch subject and I cringe at buying new sunglasses… unless they’re a good deal!

  15. Kendall says:

    The worst lost glasses story I have happened back in the late 80’s. I had a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers (Risky Business, you know) and I lost them. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find them. Months later, I was going to check the oil, or do something else on my car. I don’t remember what any more, but I had to open the hood. I poped the hood, and found my wayfarers – or what was left of them sitting on top of the radiator shroud. I had taken them off so I could see under the hood better, set them on top of the radiator shroud, and forgot about them when I closed the hood – crushing them.

  16. Amber says:

    I was at a track meet and decided that I would wear my sunglasses (my favorite ones) in the meet I was about to run. My lovely, impatient teammate decided to yell out “Amber! Take off your sunglasses” as I was standing on the start line, with the anticipation of the gun going off. Frantically, I grabbed the glasses off of my face and flung them her direction in hopes that she would have caught them. Unfortunately, she didn’t; when they hit the grassy ground, instantly my precious pair of sunglasses split right in half. Not only was that heartbreaking, but everyone in the stands watching the track meet saw this happen and let out a dissapointing “aaah.” What’s even worse is that later on, we found out that I would have been allowed to wear my glasses and I didn’t have to take them off. So since then I haven’t worn sunglasses, but a new pair would be oh so awesome!

  17. Bryan says:

    My first pair of good sunglasses flew off my head and went scraping along the concrete when I was helping someone with a backyard construction project. It made me so sad at least they worked as eye protection though. I hear it’s much easier to shell out for new shades than for new eye balls. Just remember kids sunglasses save..your corneas from the sun and your eyeballs from pokey thingys.

  18. cynthia says:

    I had a pair of Oakleys for over ten years. These things went with me on all my adventures all around the world. In 2009, I was doing a multi-stage endurance race in Namibia. On day 1, I lost them in Fish River Canyon. The sun was beginning to set and I flipped them on top of my head/hat so that I could see the terrain better. By the time I climbed out of the canyon, they were gone. In retrospect, I think they fell off when I took off my hat to wipe my sweat. Those Oakleys were so light, I didn’t feel them or hear them fall. It was a sad day.

  19. Jen says:

    I could write a book on my challenges over the years trying not to loose, and destroy my Natives. I have taken rocks while climbing, dropped them while ice-climbing, sat on them, watched in despair as they skid across cement, watched the rubber nose piece wash down the sink while washing them…none of that was too bad because you can get replacement parts for the lenses and rubber nose thingy’s. The Native Company rocks! As long as you don’t lose them-they will help replace. I have had a 7 year battle of not losing them and did pretty well until I woke up one morning after an awesome day of climbing, then an extremely hard night of partying to find my Natives missing.(the worst time to be missing your shades) So, I was off to perform the “walk of shame” looking rougher than ever, bar after bar, trying to find them. No one had them, or at least that is what they wanted me to believe, so they could keep my $200 pair of awesome shades. I’m on my second pair,and still continuing on with my never-ending battle of trying not to loose, destroy my shades while living hard.

  20. Peter says:

    I use to have a really good pair of sunglasses I use to wear every time I went running. One day I woke up to find that my dog had swiped them from my dining room table and terminated them. Both lenses were broken, the ear pieces were snapped in half, and my dog had pissed on the rug because had noticed how disappointed I was. I didnt know a miniature schnaouzer could ruin my sunglasses and my rug in one sitting wow.

  21. Robert says:

    When I was in college I had just bought a new pair of sun glasses with my student loan money. I was out on the highway with a buddy driving about 75 MPH down the highway and I had to sneeze so instead of sneezing in the car I sneezed out the window and the brand new sunglasses I had just purchased a few hours earlier FLEW off my face and out the window.

    So we pulled over and backed up. We spent about 30 minutes looking for these new sunglasses and we found them, flattened like a steam roller had just drove over them. The lenses were no where to be found. I was so disappointed because these were very expensive sunglass and for a poor college student I was not about to go and buy a new pair of sunglasses.

    And that’s my story. Thank you.

  22. Stephanie spearman says:

    For whatever reason, only a cyclist or runner would know, I favor my sport sunglasses over the huge lense designer sunglasses. All geared up to go shopping in a mall – dress clothes, not spandex – I had to wear my white Oakley’s. We did some shopping, spent some time in a dressing room, the bathroom and messing around and POOF! My glasses are gone. I have no clue where they went. I traced my steps, and no glasses. I was mortified! Grieving for hours did not entice buying a rlacement pair. My next bike ride, I wore… Yes you guessed it… Designer sunglasses. Thats all it took, I bought new sport glasses. Life was getting back to normal.

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