New Balance Minimus MT10 Running Shoe Review

Zachary Rodasti

Zach's been testing gear with Active Gear Review since day one of the site, and just generally loves being outside doing any outdoor activity. He and his wife race year round, prefer long distance endurance events, and have raced marathons in multiple states nationwide. Recently, Zach added triathlons to his list of endeavors, and has competed in all distances up to a half iron. He has two young boys who are full of energy and get into all sorts of trouble on a regular basis - just like him.

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7 Responses

  1. John DeLuca says:

    About the odor control, can these shoes be laundered – thrown in the washing maching? Or, is that crazy talk?

    Thanks for the review.

  2. Stanky says:

    Washed em twice. I run in five fingers in tropical weather. One drive in the minimus and they may as well had a dead body in them. Never had a shoe smell so bad.

  3. Robin says:

    FYI for those interested. I asked this same question to the NB support center. I quote them below:

    Dear Robin,

    Thank you for contacting New Balance Consumer Support! The suggested cleaning method for New Balance shoes, along with your Minimus model, is to use a light bristle brush (old tooth brush) and a light detergent (dishwashing or laundry). Scrub the shoes with the brush and use a damp cloth to wipe clean, you can also immerse them in water. Allow shoes to air dry thoroughly for about twenty-four hours.

    If purchasing a cleaning product, be sure that it is silicon-based to prevent any possible damage to the footwear.

    Putting shoes through a washing machine cycle is NOT recommended.

    **Note that if you have suede shoes or leather shoes you would need to use a suede or leather cleaner. Follow the instructions on the brand of cleaner you are using to clean your shoes.

    Please click here to view or purchase shoe care products including water repellents.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns by email or at 1-800-622-1218.

    New Balance Consumer Response Team

  4. Stace says:

    I ran my Minimus through the wash on a normal cycle (cold) after spilling some coffee on them – they’re none the worse for it!

  5. Joel says:

    I agree, my Minimus shoes are absolutely the worst smelling shoes I’ve ever had. I love them though, so I guess I’ll put up with it! I can smell them across the room!

  6. LoriL says:

    hey thanks for the head’s up. will look into it.

  7. Mitch says:

    The only shoes I had in the car to go teach in last week were my Minimus. By the end of the day the students kept asking me what they smell was. I had to let them know it was me eventually.

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