Brooks Cascadia 6 Trail Running Shoe Review

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  1. Shannon says:

    Brooks shared the same updates with the women’s model for this spring. The Cascadia 6’s maintain a nice, low to the ground feel with just the right amount of midfoot and heel cushioning. I also noticed the change in the lugging system, as I have a pair of Cascadia 5’s as well. I didn’t notice a huge difference in my level of traction control, but then again I never really had any complaints with the old system either.
    The fit is perfect, with plenty of room in the toe box without a lot of foot movement, or sloshing, when laced up. The added piece on the upper, mentioned above, also helps keep trail debris out of the shoe and provide a nice seal to dust/dirt. Having a narrower foot, I liked being able to lace them up snugly and securely, without sacrificing natural foot splay with each step.
    As Kevin said above, Brooks has gone with the flow of bright and be seen colors. One of the color options for gals is a bright lime green hue, which I love.

  2. Andrew says:

    Great reviews, both of you. Thanks for focusing on the outsole as this was one of biggest shifts from previous models. Have you tested them on wet road/rock conditions yet? Frightenly poor traction under wet conditions was one of the only failings of previous generations so I’m hoping the new lug pattern might produce better performance. Thanks.

  3. Peter says:

    Can you write a comparison between the Cascadia 6 and the 5? I had tried the 5 but it was not flexible at all, very stiff, compared to other trail shoes. I have read that the 6 is lower to the ground, have you noticed that? How about the heel to toe doffset, is is the same? Thanks!

  4. Megan says:

    How could you not Run Happy with a pair of Brooks, a long, challenging trail, a run buddy, sunshine and scenic views to boot?! I’ve been eying the Cascadia 6 as my first trail shoe (I’ve just ran in Brook Launch on trails so far) and I think we could be a great duo.

    Thanks for the giveaway and review.

  5. Jessica says:

    I ALWAYS run happy in my Brooks! I have a pair of Launch’s and Glycerin’s and I have zero complaints. The fit is perfect, the Launch is so lightweight, and the Glycerins are great for long runs. I want to be able to Run Happy on some trails too to add an extra challenge to my training!

  6. Kate says:

    Fantastic review of the Cascadia 6! I got fitted for both road and trail shoes back in 2009 when they put me in the Brooks Adrenaline 9 and the Brooks Cascadia 4. I’ve never looked back. Brooks just makes a great shoe all around. While I generally “Run Happy” on the roads in my Adrenaline which have seen me through 2 marathons, 2 half marathons, and thousands of miles, on the occasions that I do hit the trails, I love my Cascadia. I ran a trail half marathon just a week after getting fitted for the Cascadia 4, and they were fantastic. No blisters and my feet felt great afterward. I would LOVE to win a pair of Cascadia 6 as I set my sights on a possible trail 50K!

  7. Daniel Flahiff says:

    I Run Happy 3 or 4 times a week here in Seattle and unless it’s below 38*F, I always wear my Brooks Rouge Runner III running shorts which I love. I am dying to get out onto the great trails around here and these new Cascadia 6s look like just the ticket! Sign me up!

  8. katieRUNSthis says:

    I would love, love, love to win a pair of Brooks Cascadia 6 shoes! I’ve had my eye on these ever since I saw them at the Rock N Roll Mardi Gras Marathon expo in New Orleans. I do a little trail running but have not been able to get into it fully because I don’t have a good pair of trail running shoes. I haven’t been able to buy a good pair because my husband and I are a tight on funds right now. Every time I see another runner in them I OOOOH! and AHHH! over them!

  9. Jaime says:

    How would I run happy in my Brooks Cascadias? I would simply run. πŸ™‚ I had 2 foot surgeries last year which resulted in a fusion of my first metatarsal and because of a stress fracture, followed by an unfortunate car accident in which I am waiting to hear if my calf muscle/Achilles tendon is torn, I am not able to do anything right now. I miss running so much, especially trail running, for the peace of mind and endorphins it provides, but cannot do it right now. WHen I return to activity, having a new pair of Brooks would be the icing on the cake to kickstart my return to running and tri training.

  10. Jennifer says:

    I run happy in my Brooks Ghost 3s, they are the shoe that helped me along to my half marathon PR I set last month. But I’m thinking of tackling some trails this summer and I think a pair of Brooks Cascadias would definitely help me run happy on the Wisconsin trails!

  11. Peter says:

    I RUN HAPPY in adrenaline brooks every day I wear them. Not only are they comfy when running but also on errands and around the house. I hope to run with better form and effiency. its either my brooks, the cascadia 6’s, or the five finger toes shoes from REI. Can the Cascadia 6’s handle the fun in my run?

  12. Eugenie says:

    I would Run Happy in Brooks because I have just started trail running and am looking for a good shoe for this. I have been wearing a non-trail running shoe which does not provide the support that I need.

  13. Tom says:

    I love these shoes and use them for everything. For someone transitioning my running form but not yet ready for the thin, minimalsit shoe, I still needed a shoe to get me miles without my form suffering.

    These do the job and more! I train lots on trails, my primary terrain. But now I had older shoes that didnt work with my new form. And a race to attend! So I decided to use these for my road race. They performed incredibly, was able to maintain my form, and didnt notice the extra weight over a true running shoe.

    With nothing bad to say, will be staying with these for quite some time!

  14. Laurie says:

    I LOVE Brooks shoes and run happy in them just about every day. I haven’t tried the Cascadia and I’ve been looking for a new trail shoe so I’d love to win a pair!!! Thanks for the opportunity and happy running!

  15. Lisa says:

    I currently run trails in the Cascadia 5’s, so I would love to try out the 6’s! My regular running shoes are the Ravenna’s and my race shoes are the T6 – love them all! Brooks shoes have always worked best for me, therefore, I run happy!! Thanks for the review and giveaway.

  16. Katy says:

    I Run Happy every day! If I’m not wearing the awesome Adrenaline GTS 11, you can find me on the trails wearing Cascadias or ASRs. Brooks makes the best running shoes for me hands down! Awesome products by an equally awesome company.

  17. Christine Jensen says:

    I have been wanting to give trail running a try and a new pair of Brooks Cascadia 6s would really help me in that attempt to Run Happy off-road!

  18. Megan says:

    I have been running in Brooks shoes for six years now. I have owned Glycerin 8’s, Adrenalines, Ghost 3, and my new favorite, the ASR trail shoes. I run happy everyday. I literally feel like I am floating along in my ASR’s. I have a narrow foot and have had problems in the past with stress fractures. I bought orthotic inserts and they fit very comfortably in the ghost 3’s and the ASR’s. I love my ASR’s, and I am now very interested in the Cascadia shoes, because of the awesome traction it gives me in uneven terrain. I love running in the woods and on trails so these shoes would be another perfect fit for me. You can’t run happy unless your feet are happy and mine are ecstatic in Brooks running shoes!!

  19. Dave Fischer says:

    Running Happy is the only way to run! I currently run about 25-30 miles a week. Last year I discovered some single track mountain bike trails close by my home. Since, I’m on track to wear out my Cascadia 4’s very soon. I train to run marathons and half marathons with Team World Vision to help bring about awareness to poverty as well as raise funds for clean water projects in places like Kenya. It’s easy to Run Happy when you’re running for someone else!

  20. Helen says:

    I run happy in Brooks shoes as they have taken me from couch potato to 10km runner, to half-marathon and my first marathon last year! This year I will be running my first trail run and having been inspired by one of your athletes ( Chrissie Wellington) I will be taking part in my first ever triathlon.With all this training I’m getting through lots of trainers and these would be just the ticket to hit the trails with!

  21. Ron says:

    I’ve run with Cascadias since I ventured into trail running two years ago and won’t run the trails with anything else on my feet. These shoes really show their value towards the end of longer runs and I don’t have the foot soreness associated with some other shoes I’ve tried. Although my 4’s are worn down, I still keep them around for the occasional short training run. Too many good memories to throw them away!

  22. Sarah says:

    Let me tell you why I deserve that fancy new pair of Cascadia 6 (incidentally, I wear Cascadia 5 for both road and trail–I can’t get over how hybrid and awesome they are!). First of all, I ran to work everyday when I worked for REI. Two winters ago, I was running in an old, beat-up pair of Nike’s that had a hole in the bottom, which I plugged with a rock. However, my running career completely changed when I met a Brooks Guru. She analyzed my stride and footstrike and gave a wonderful clinic at REI. She recommended I try the Launch. I was so grateful to finally be outfitted in shoes that are not only fast, but so comfortable I felt like I could run for hours! To date, I now own two pairs of Cascadia 5’s, ran the 2010 Philly marathon in Green Silence, am visible and comfortable in my ID Elite jacket, and even gave the Ghost 3 a couple of test runs. Thus, as much joy that Brooks has brought to my life (running is such an important part of my daily life!), I want to share with others how Brooks has taken my running to new and inspiring levels! Run Happy, my friends!

  23. sheri says:

    I have been dieing to tackle all the trails here in Utah! I would LOVE to do it in a new pair of Brooks Cascadia 6’s!

  24. Lincoln says:

    I run happy with my Brooks DNA Shoes. I started with Glycerin 8 and that Brooks DNA is great. Just the right level of cushioning and they are so durable and comfortable. With all that and a great fit, how can anyone not run happy with Brooks? I got so excited when I found out that Brooks was coming out with a trail shoe with Brooks DNA. Time to run happier now on the trails. πŸ™‚

  25. Suann says:

    I run happy in my Brooks T6 racers! From marathons to triathlons, this shoe is light weight, but has enough support for those long distances too.

    Just picked up the Brooks Cascadia and ran trails last Sat. in them. Great shoe! Many happy trail miles to come!

  26. Gretchen says:

    I would love to have these trail shoes when i go hiking Machu Picchu. they look like something that would keep my feet very happy with 4 days of hiking. Keep my feet happy hiking 7-8 miles a day on my trip.

  27. Misty says:

    I currently run generally happy in my older version of the Cascadia. I say “generally” because they are a half size too small and I REALLY need to get a new pair in a bigger size. I have been very happy with Brooks road and trail shoes. Only trail shoe I’ve ever run in. With a new pair, I can get back out on the trails that I love (in comfort and hopefully save some toenails!) and train for a trail half marathon in August.

  28. kate says:

    I can definitely tell my feet are better off in trail shoes when I hit the Wissahickon trails of Philadelphia. I just had to retire my trail shoes and with a new baby girl and finishing up school, I haven’t had time to get another. I am a Brooks girl for sure wearing the Glycerin, Ghost, Defyance and the ST Racers at one time or another. I have never had a pair of Cascadias – I tried them on and loved the older models (and the wacky colors) and am very excited to hear the 6 is lighter. I’d love to run in these. πŸ™‚

  29. sdrunner says:

    Looks like I’m 10 years too late for this contest: “Contest expires: 5/9/2001” Hopefully that’s a typo πŸ™‚ But how would I Run Happy? Well I already Run Happy in my Adrenalines & Racer STs on the road, but nothing on the trails yet. I’ve been trail running since high school and would love to get back into it some day!

  30. Phillip says:

    I will be adding trail running to my training routine in the coming weeks, and would love some Cascadias. I train and race in the Green Silence, and love those shoes. I’d love to try these out for my first crack at an ultra.

  31. Rick S says:

    I Run Happy on the trails around Lake Grapevine in North Texas. Most every weekend, my buddies and I hit the dirt training for the Chattanooga Mountains Stage Race this June. We’re preparing as well as we can without having a nearby mountain. I’m a huge fan of the Cascadia. My Cascadia 5’s have served me well, but I was thinking I wanted something a little lighter, lower to the ground, and more breathable for my upcoming race. I searched around and tried other shoes, but didn’t find what I was looking for until I tried the Cascadia 6. Love them. Can’t wait to get them back out on the trail this weekend for a run through the trees with my pals.

  32. Kyle says:

    Fantastic review. I’ve loved my pair of Ghost 3’s looking forward to getting the Ghost 4’s and have been staring at the Cascadia’s as my first trail shoes. I think you’ve pushed me over the edge. Running Happy is where it’s at! I’ve enjoyed hitting the trails on walks with my kids and challenging them up the hills…they always seem to just beat me, which keeps it fun and forces me to get them frozen yogurt as their prize. Staying fit with them is fun and the Cascadia’s would be a blessing…thanks for fun contests like this.

  33. Chris says:

    I Run VERY Happy in my Brooks Adrenaline 11th editions, and have for several years. I swear by Brooks shoes and I think they make some of the best running products on the market today. I have been looking to get into trail running as a means of adding diversity to my running and to get more in touch with nature. My lifes adventure has brought me to a location that is mostly dirt roads, double track, and single track trails. It would be amazing if I had the chance to start out my trail running experience with these wonderful shoes. Thank you for the great review.

  34. Arthur Martineau says:

    I run happy with the whole family in my Cascadia 5’s on the trails near my home. My kids really love to come out and run them with me. I can’t wait until their feet get big enough to fit into the cascadias.

  35. Emily says:

    My feet are always runnin’ happy in Brooks! My go-to trainers are Launches and I also use the T7s as a racer. I also feel great and look fly in Brooks apparel – their tights are the best I’ve found and I love my podium 1/2 zip. I love Brooks because they really listen to their customers and don’t take themselves too seriously. Anyways, thanks for the review. I’ve been eyeing the Cascadia 6 as my new trail shoe this summer, and your review helps me out!

  36. wooderson says:

    I run happy in my brooks every day! I’ve got two pairs of Launches in my rotation and am looking to replace a pair of NB’s for trail running his summer. Pick me!

  37. Christine Rothberg says:

    I always run happy because I’m happy that I have the ability to run! Every time I’m sick and bedridden I appreciate that fact more and more. I’ve been running in my Brooks Ghost 3’s for a while now and have been dying to move into more trail running! I’ve gone from an overweight couch potato 2 years ago to now a fit, happy 6 time marathon runner!

  38. Daniel says:

    After 5 or so years of bouncing between Adidas, Nike, Asics (and another 2 or so years where I was too banged up to run consistently), I’ve discovered that Brooks has way more to offer than I previously realized, and they’ve helped me stay healthy the way others haven’t. Part of staying healthy is due to my learning to wear the right kind of shoe for the kind of terrain I’m running on. With the great trails available to me in Eastern Washington, it would be terrific to run in a pair of Cascadias because they would allow me to better enjoy the trails at my disposal and keep running happy and injury free!

  39. Rachel C says:

    I RUN HAPPY in my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11s almost everyday because I know:

    Running is cheaper then therapy
    Utilizing my mind, body and spirit are important
    No one can stop me

    Hills are no longer my “enemy”
    An Appreciation for nature
    Pressures at work and home forgotten after 13.1
    People in my life are proud of me
    You can never explain the feeling on completing a race!

  40. Sean Kinsey says:

    How could I not run happy in a cool, red pair of Cascadias?!

  41. serayfl says:

    I am gearing up for Springtime trail running here in the mid-Atlantic, it’s been blowing hot, then cold, then cold again, and the rain has been constant. but this weekend holds promise, and the weekly club trail runs start next week. my trusty Cascadia 5s are showing their age, they are without a doubt the best trail-running shoes i’ve ever owned, and, frankly, hold a special place in my running heart. but i’m willing to bet their upgrade is worthy of the Cascadia name. Bring it on!

  42. Rose Nyenhuis says:

    I happily run smooth and free in my Brooks Launch!
    Brooks make me smile because they fit so well and are made with such expertise!

  43. Cathy Brubaker says:

    Right now I have a pair of your “Green Silence” shoes that i wear to road race in. I have cut 45 seconds off my 5k time because they are so light and low to the ground and i love them. The greatest thing is they are made from recycled materials!!! Now i need a great pair of trail shoes to run the trails in then my feet would be “Running Happy”. Love all your products keep up the great work!!!

  44. Julia says:

    I run happy because I finally can again! Since I was twelve years old I’ve struggled with rheumatoid arthritis and the last seven years (since having my daughter) have been the worst. In the last couple years though we finally found the right medication combination so I can run again! And to make things even better, our family recently moved to a small town outside of Seattle, WA so my run is now one block through our neighborhood then straight into the woods! I can run longer with the distraction of nature: the trees, frogs, wild rabbits and salmon spawning creek! Now I just need some great shoes!

  45. Stephanie Kuest says:

    I want to win a FREE pair of Brooks Cascadia 6 trail running shoes! Please…! I love Brooks shoes! Every half marathon I’ve ever ran has been sporting “Brooks Shoes”! I live 10 minutes from Riverside State Park and have a few trails that I train on weekly. One of my favorite annual runs is the Spokane River Run situated along the west plains 5-mile area involving lots of trails and rocky terrain. I love to run trails “ankle benders” so I could use a new pair of shoes to rotate in….thank you for such awesome shoes & gear!

  46. Mark Manz says:

    Brooks has been helping me run happy for years now. I love their entire line. I wear the Cascadias when I wanna mix it up on trails, the Glycerins for every day, the Launch when I want to run fast AND far, and the T6 or Green Silence on race day. And their clothing is light, comfortable, looks sharp, and makes me want to go fast. Plus I love how active they are in the social media realm. They really respond to the feedback they get from their consumers and take that into account when designing products. The latest pair of Cascadias would CERTAINLY help me run happy(er)

  47. Tracey says:

    I am pretty new to running, and until recently it was something done on sufference, as a help towards weight loss, and later to help me on my way towards my goal of completing a sprint length triathlon.

    Well, Danskin 2010 is behind me, and the run was a sorry affair. But more recently I have started to improve, and have been surprised to realise that I am really starting to like the sport. What better to build on this newfound pleasure than to acquire a new pair of top notch trail running shoes, to allow me to expand my running horizons from treadmills and paved roads to more interesting locales? With the Brooks Cascadia, I know my enthusiasm for running would find new heights.

  48. Cheri Becker says:

    I just started running trails a few months ago and after much research chose the Brooks Cascadia as my very first trail running shoe. My feet could not be happier – I love them! My feet and I are training for our first 50 mile ultra which is all on trails. So my new Cascadias and I have been logging many a mile on the rain soaked, muddy single tracks and loving every minutes of it. I can’t believe I waited this long to take my running off the asphalt and into nature at its purest and best. Love it! Happy Trail Running! Thanks Brooks!

  49. Stephanie spearman says:

    I would run happy in a pair of Brooks Cascadia trail shoes because of the magnanimous popping colors! I love color because it conveys an attitide and attitude is personality and runners have both. I live in the country and run gravel roads for the majority of my training runs. I also own 30 acres with a newly mowed trail so what better time to get a pair of those smokin Brooks Cascadia shoes! I am an avid biker and runner and plan events so in addition to the Brook Cascadias looking like I won the jackpot on my feet as I stir up the gravel, I love to share what I love and peeps will ask me “where did you get those bad boys?”. I will spill my guts and tellnthem I paid Brooks to let me advertise a sweet, smokin, bold shoe that is soul for the sole.

  50. Samsara Chapman says:

    I run happy in Glycerin 8, Cascadia 5, or Trail Blades. I run on open space trails on the edge of my town or in the mud, snow, or on dry trails in the mountains and the surrounding forest. My biggest challenge right now is deciding which pair of Brooks I’ll wear for my first 30K trail race next week!

  51. Derek says:

    I would Run Happy in the new 6’s because I ran sad in the 5’s! Had a problem that many runners experienced with the inside of the foot, just about at the ball of the foot on both feet, rubbing huge blisters with lots of downhill running. Talked to a guy at Gazelle in Holland, MI and he said a bunch of his buddies had the same problem. So now my 5’s sit out ready to be donated to charity, and I run sad with no trail shoes. Make me happy and let me try out those 6’s!!

  52. Erica says:

    Brooks has and would make me run happy in a few ways:
    seeing Brooks brand name -> makes me think of Run Happy slogan -> makes me smile -> smile makes me happy

    also, running releases endorphins and i heart endorphins and they make me happy!

    Fun contest :). I’ve been eyeing the Green Silence, but the Cascadias woudl be even better for my running needs! Fingers crossed

  53. Patrick says:

    I run happy in my Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11s and they are the best shoes I have ever owned. I want to get into trail running and based on how much I love my Adrenalines, I can only imagine how the Cascadias would be. My Brooks truly make me run happy all the time.

  54. anthony sanders says:

    i run happy in my brooks green silences all the time, on top of that i always am wearing my brooks hat and sherpa III shorts. best running shoe/clothing there is! (got my wife a pair of green silence too and she absolutely loves them!)

    p.s. Scott Jurek is the man!!!

  55. Scott Reval says:

    I currently Run Happy in Brooks Adrenalines. But would be Running Happier by getting off the road in a pair of Cascadia 6’s. I just turn 50 and recently helped crew a buddy on a 50K trail run and caught the bug. While the Adrenalines are great on the road, they aren’t providing the traction needed on the trail. What better way to start my trail running than in a new pair of the best trail shoe on the market, the Brooks Cascadia 6!

  56. Matt says:

    After 3 years of struggling with ill fitting and poor quality running shoes I saved up and got a pair of Brooks Defyance. They have completely saved my running career. My runner’s knee is gone and I am racking up my mileage now. I want to run happy off road with the new Cascadia 6 through the woods and mountains. This is the next step in my journey as a runner! Although I am a conservative runner I dig the new colors and would rock them off road while recruiting new runners with my favorite dog.

  57. Bill Noyes says:

    How do I run happy? Yesterday it was an early 8 mile Mother’s Day run chasing my beautiful wife(and mother of 3) of almost 20 years around a local lake.

  58. greg nickel says:

    I am happy to be on the trails and should run more, with these it would be incentive to get out there and run the trails and be happy doing just that.

  59. Carlos Moura says:

    I run happy because the sweat clean all the bad thoughts… the wind wakes me up, and the sun show me the way to the top of the hill. Sometimes blisters comes just to add some reallity. But the fun still increasing!

  60. goldie says:

    These have been a great pair of trail shoes, i am looking for a new pair right now to carry me through the winter ,i feel like i am dancing through the woods when i wear em could be the music , all in all run happy;-)

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