Puma FAAS 250 Trail Running Shoe Review

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3 Responses

  1. Shannon says:

    While I may not have been as brave as Kevin in wearing the Puma FAAS 250 in a 50K right out of the box, I have found that these shoes have no break in period and feel comfy and ready to go from day one. I agree with his comments about the upper; as its’ highly breathable, virtually seamless, and doesn’t have any annoying spots that have caused any blisters, etc. I have a decently narrow heel and would love to have the option of a eyelet or loop placed a little further back to prevent any heel slip. I was able to make do with the what is present already on the shoe and cinched the entire lace system a tad tighter than my norm.
    Did I mention that they also look pretty cool, too! The women’s model that I tested features a gray upper, teal laces and eyelets, and teal sole.
    I agree with Kevin about the rock/sand situation. I didn’t get any extra sand/rocks than the average shoe, and they are so easy on and off that if I really wanted to slip them off and shake anything out it took a matter of seconds. Overall, I have been pleased with these shoes on runs from 5-15 miles- enough traction and support to keep my feet happy. Nice review Kevin!

  2. Michael Lee says:

    I have tried it and felt it like a glove but just a little tight. Since I never wear shoes with no seperate tongue, is it normal or good? Will it feel “better”(not so tight) after some runs?

  3. I haven’t found there to be any issues with this tongue. I find the tongue is small enough to keep it from bunching up in places. After long runs, I found the shoe to fit like any other trail or road shoe with no added tightness. I hope this helps, but if not, please ask any more questions you have.


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