Montrail Fairhaven Trail Running Shoe Review

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  1. Shannon says:

    I also tested out the Fairhaven’s and had some similar findings as my fellow reviewer.
    Here are some positives:
    The Fairhaven’s offer plenty of room in the toe box, which may be perfect for wider feet that have a difficult time finding trail shoes. I have a quote “normal” foot width and don’t find them to be too roomy in either the midfoot or heel regions either.
    The shoe is flexible and relatively light weight (9.4 oz/pair), which allows for good transition from heel to toe push off.
    The negatives: I also found that the traction was less than I desired when on slick rocks and dry fine rock trails. When I run on roads, I have been moving towards less cushioning in my trainers, therefore, I didn’t mind the middle of the road cushioning system. After a 14 mile trail run, the undersides of my feet did begin to feel some of the larger obstacles and reminded me that this is a transition or combo shoe. With that said, I agree with the above; the Fairhaven’s fit the bill for crushed limestone, fire roads, or smoother trails.

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