Saucony Peregrine Trail Running Shoe Review

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  1. Jan B. says:

    I had to give up trail running a couple of years ago after some serious ITB problems. Living in Colorado,I found it was almost more painful to give up trail running than to continue with the ITB injury. I’ve tried hiking instead, but it just isn’t the same. A couple of months ago, I ordered a pair of Saucony ProGrid Peregrines, and they already have me back trail running. The shoes are fantastic. They flex enough to work with my high arches, and have allowed me to completely overcome my previous hard heel strike. And just try sprinting in a pair of these shoes. You will feel like you are floating. I did find that they slipped a little in deep mud, but possibly I just should have been running faster. And while the mud was a slight problem, they have great traction when running up large rock slabs. They also give nice protection from rocks and tree roots. Great shoes. If you have a high arch and problems with heel striking when running, I’d highly recommend trying the Peregrines.

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