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The Wahoo SYSTM Training App

The Wahoo SYSTM Training App

Wahoo’s new SYSTM training app will help athletes maximize every moment by using training hours more effectively. With this new platform Wahoo has moved into the software space, expanding their…



…zoom feature that can help cyclists see a map more easily, or customize their data fields on the fly. ROAM is available today at amazon.com/wahoofitness, and through all Wahoo dealers….


Wahoo Unveils New BOLT LE Colors

Wahoo Unveils Limited Edition Colors for ELEMNT BOLT at the Sea Otter Classic On the first day of the Sea Otter Classic, Wahoo Fitness, a global leader in connected cycling…

Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band Review

…attempt to break down all that information? That’s what you get with the average fitness band these days. Here’s the question, is the Microsoft Band your average fitness band? The…

Pivotal Tracker 1 Review

…known as the Pivotal Life Tracker) for all of those people who, like me, are just on the fence about fitness trackers. Why is Pivotal Tracker 1 the fitness tracker…