Black Diamond Razor Carbon Ski Poles Review

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The Black Diamond Razor Carbon Ski Poles have been a great surprise this season. A set of carbon poles is something I never really considered a must have, but now that I’ve tested the Razor Carbon poles I don’t think I could go back to my previous all aluminum pole that weighed a good 5 oz more per pole.

Buff Pass ski tour near Steamboat Springs, CO

The Black Diamond Razor Carbon Ski Pole, despite its’ name is actually not fully carbon. Rather, the Razor Carbon is a combination of an aluminum upper shaft and carbon fiber lower shaft. Saving weight down low is where you will notice the difference the most on the skin up or when charging downhill. The combination means that they can take a beating, feel sturdy, and will save you some money over a full carbon pole.

Black lower shaft = carbon

The Black Diamond Razor Carbon Poles are highly adjustable and are available in two sizes, 100-125 cm and 115-140 cm

  • Smaller option: usable length 100-125 cm, collapsed length 92 cm, weight per pair 1 lb. 4 oz or 10 oz per pole
  • Larger option: usable length 115-140 cm, collapsed length 105.5 cm, weigh per pair 1 lb. 5 oz or 10.5 oz per pole

The skiers in our house are 5’9″ and 6′, therefore we opted for the 115-140 cm option so that we could both give the poles a whirl. The adjustability of the Black Diamond Razor Carbon is pretty slick thanks the inclusion of FlickLock. Simply open the red piece, or gate, and the pole height can be adjusted and then push the red piece closed, or to the right as seen in the photo below. This can be accomplished while keeping your gloves or mittens on. I have cold hands and wear some crazy warm down and leather mittens, despite the bulk I was still able to open and close the FlickLock. The poles feel stable and I have yet to feel the pole slip or loose its’ length. After a solid month of use, I still have not felt the need to re-tighten the FlickLock adjustment screw.

FlickLock makes it easy to adjust for the pole length for the uphill vs downhill in a matter of seconds

The Black Diamond Razor Carbon Ski Poles feature an updated touring grip, designed for backcountry skiers. I love the larger handle up top to easily flick my climbing bars up and down on both tech and frame bindings. The generous platform also allows you to hold onto the top of the pole for added push off when terrain becomes steep. Black Diamond has also included a rubber grip extension to allow you to grip lower on the ski pole when side-hilling without slipping.

Powder baskets and a carbide tip round out the list of features. The 4″ powder baskets have survived nearly two months of use without any issues or signs of cracking or breaking. The carbide tip provides added traction on the uphill pole plants and are bound to last for at least a couple years of regular wear and tear. If they do wear out, you can swap them out and pick up some replacements from Black Diamond for under $10.

The Black Diamond Razor Carbon poles are a great all around touring pole that strikes the balance between weight and durability. For more information on the Razor Carbon poles or other Black Diamond products visit

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