Leki Aergon 3 Review

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For the backcountry skier who takes their gear serious, the Leki Aergon 3 ski poles are worth a peek when deciding on what to buy. These lightweight yet durable aluminum trekking poles have a backcountry ski focus allowing you to think about the fun and not whether you’re gear is going to work or not.

Features worth noting in the Leki Aergon 3 Ski Poles

Reliable Speed-lock System

Leki Speedlock System

When out in the backcountry, we all have those time where we need to adjust our poles from time to time. This can be when you’re traversing a long slope and need to have your lengths offset or changing lengths when you’re ascending or descending. The locking mechanism in the Leki Aergon 3 ski poles are super easy to use when adjusting the pole length to your needs. Gone are the days of twisting your trekking/ski pole and hoping that it stays put.

Great Length, but Compact

Leki Aergon 3 Ski Pole length

Whether you’re a tall guy or gal that needs a long pole or you’re heading through deep pow, the Aergon 3 ski pole has you covered with 150cm of solid goodness. This equates to just over 59 inches or just under 5 ft. When you need to stash your poles away, the Aergon 3 ski poles are incredibly compact. They compact down to 70cm or 27.6 inches making them easy to throw on to the outside of a pack or stash in your car when heading out to the trailhead.

Powder Baskets, Carbide Tips, Tour Grip

Carbide Tip and Large Powder Basket

These are all pretty standard features in a quality touring ski pole, but I find them to be important in any ski pole I use. Powder Baskets to keep your poles from sinking deep into the snow, Carbide tips to keep your poles secure on rock and ice, and a comfortable tour grip to keep your hands from getting fatigued after being out for a full day.

Large top of pole

The top of the Leki Aergon 3 poles fit into the palm of your hand/glove/mitt nicely helping give you leverage when trying to skin or ski up steep terrain.

Testing Conditions

Testing the Leki Aergon 3 at Steamboat Resort

I’ve tested out the Leki Aergon 3 ski poles for both backcountry skiing as well as resort skiing. I have a total of about 30 days mixed between backcountry and resort skiing. I’ve tested the poles in conditions ranging between 3 ft of fresh powder where the powder baskets come in handy and I’ve tested them in hard packed icy conditions in which the carbide tips worked like a charm.

I am pretty hard on my ski gear and ski poles are no exception. I am constantly smacking them against the bottoms of my ski boots to get the snow off. One of my favorite places to ski is in the trees which means I have smacked at least a few hundred trees with these poles and there’s not much to show with all the tree whacks. Overall, I found these poles to be extremely durable through my testing.

Improvements I’d like to see

Being a backcountry focused ski pole, I think that having a ski pole handle that can easily grab onto your touring bindings would be helpful for when switching between different uphill tour modes. I use the Salomon Guardian Binding and find it very hard to switch between my regular tour mode and incline. This is primarily due to the rounded top of the pole with no area to catch the binding levers. Other backcountry focused brands have this feature on their poles and since Leki is one of the leaders in ski and trekking poles, I hope they will be able to keep pace with other backcountry focused brands.

Final Thoughts

If you’re in the market for a backcountry ski pole, the Leki Aergon 3 ski pole is definitely worth a peek. There are a number of features on this ski pole to make it a competitor against other backcountry ski poles. Having tested these ski poles out for an extended period, I am impressed with how well they have held up. For more information, please visit www.lekiusa.comwww.rei.com or www.amazon.com/leki.

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