CamelBak Hellion Pack Review

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2 Responses

  1. John G says:

    Excellent information review, thanks for the in-depth description!

  2. bear says:

    I’ve owned this ruck for over 10 years now, and I found it used on a beach in Santa Cruz. The small pouch zipper is totally blown, and the main zipper is working but I had to whip fresh p-cord on as pulls when the originals snapped off, and it’s so old the fabric around the zipper is wearing through. But thankfully due to the extra buckle design, the stress on that weakened area is minimal. The best part though is the straps because I’ve been through about 6 other rucks in these last 10 years and the straps are always the part that gives out, where the shoulder strap attaches close to the hip on the underside.

    This ruck carries about 25lb for me regularly on my commute to work on a motorcycle. Two laptops, 64oz canteen, plus some other odds and ends like a textbook, toothbrush, razor, or extra clothes. Great find, with very few patches needed esp. compared to other rucks.

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