Dakine Kodiak Glove Review

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Dakine Kodiak Glove

First thoughts

This is a very cool and rugged looking piece of must-have outdoor snow gear.  There is an all black version available, but I am super happy with my Bourbon colored Dakine Kodiak Glove. I’ve always owned cloth or vinyl covered gloves, and definitely have had glove envy when I see those slick leather versions.  They just have an air of excellence about them, and these don’t disappoint. Let’s not forget about quality, because the durable water repellent leather is up to the task and will handle rain, snow, and cold.

Tough durable leather on the palm. Also, notice the softer ‘nose wipe’ on the outer thumb.

Features and Material of the Dakine Kodiak Glove

The insert is waterproof and breathable comprised of Gore-Tex. Great for when you take off your gloves to grab a mid-lift snack. My hands got cold and a little wet right away but when I put them back in, the retained warmth helped get me back to flying down the mountain without a thought or worry that my hands were cold.

The insulation is PrimaLoft (225g) which will not only keep you nice and warm, but provide qualities that shed water while being very lightweight.

Wool inner lining

The lining is 360g Wool. I don’t care what you say, wool is king in my book. It kept the early explorers, mountain climbers, and skiers warm to brave the elements, and to this day, wool with state of the art blended technologies will keep your hands nice and toasty.

Palm and shell as mentioned earlier are made of durable water repellant leather. First thing I did was apply some Nikwax to aid in waterproofing and leather preservation. As luck and forward thinking by Dakine would have it, they supplied a small packet to get you started. Now it’s a water repellent leather outer glove which is also windproof. Just another intricate piece of the puzzle that aids in keeping your fingers warm.

The Velcro Cuff Closure stretches and provides for a nice and snug fit to ensure the wind and snow don’t find their way down into the glove or up your ski jacket sleeve. It’s made of a stretch fabric, so it’s great for most hand and wrist sizes to allow for easy on/off access.  The hook and loop closure system is really easy to use, and can be adjusted on the fly if needed.

One small, but somewhat significant feature that can’t be overlooked is the softer outer thumb fabric allowing you to wipe your nose if needed.

Dakine Kodiak Glove Sizing Chart

Fit and Performance

I have an average hand, and went with the Large. I followed the guide to ensure a proper size. These days, sizing for any type of apparel can be tricky, so I would suggest taking the time to measure your hand as instructed.

The coldest I have had the chance to play in these while skiing has been in the lower 20’s. A slight wind and overcast sky may have made that a little colder, but flying down the slopes of Keystone Resort at 35 mph surely created a “feels like” temperature well into the teens. My Dakine Kodiak Glove performed great, and I had no issues at all.  My only cold hand issue came after having to make some boot and binding adjustments. My hands were cold, and just weren’t able to warm up after that. I decided to go for some hot cocoa and a burger to take the chill off. That did the trick, and was able to finish out my day strong and warm.

On an early morning snowshoe, the temperatures were in the single digits, and I had intended on wearing some running gloves. I would certainly be working up a good sweat with time, but it was seriously cold. Hence, I opted for the Dakine Kodiak glove to provide warmth throughout my run. Never an issue with the cold or wind. In addition, the dexterity offered while tightening my snowshoe straps, and holding my dogs leash was great.

Tight cuff closure allowing for the jacket sleeve to slide over to provide an element proof fit.

Final Thoughts on the Dakine Kodiak Glove

This is definitely a heavy duty and thicker glove that will be able to handle some serious elements on the mountain. Because of its toughness, and technical features this is a great accomplice for any skier, snowboarder, backcountry adventurer, climber, or simply someone out and about wanting warm digits. I have had many compliments on the look of my gloves while sitting on the lifts by fellow slope enthusiasts. I’ve had nothing but good things to say so far.

Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Available Colors: Black and Bourbon

For more information, styles, and purchase please visit: www.amazon.com/dakine.

Cross Country skiing.

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