G3 Alpinist High Traction Skins Review

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2 Responses

  1. Pierre Martin says:

    Me and my friends have skied on G3 skins for a season (about 50 times) and the glue has gone bad already! We have taken good care of the skin (drying, storage, etc) but they leave an unacceptable amount of residue on the skis. Needless to say, it will ruin your runs when going down. A very frustrating situation! Looking at many forums we found that the problem is quite common. Contacting G3 is useless as they will call for bad skin management. My advice is to go for Black Diamond skins.

  2. Kevin Fonger says:

    Hi Pierre,

    Good to know about your experience. I have a set of the high traction skins and alpinist skins. I’ve skied between 60-70 times in the high traction skins and no problems yet. The glue has clumped a little since when I first received the skins, but it still functions just fine and leave no residue. I’ve skied the alpinist skins 40-50 times and haven’t had any issues with them to date.

    Where did you buy the skins from? A lot of times the retailer will help out.

    Good luck with your skins, have fun, and be safe out there!

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