Astis Mittens Review


Photojournalist Paul Shippey is a former elite triathlete and endurance sports competitor. He is also the gear editor for EverymanTri. Shippey’s racing accomplishments are varied and include; Ironman SA, Comrades Ultra Marathon, Boston Marathon, ITU Worlds, Bar One Adventure Racing Series and the Nissan Xterra Series. The South African native is the owner of Automotive Media Solutions – an automotive marketing and PR firm in Denver. He is also a former professional driver and racing instructor.

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3 Responses

  1. nahanni says:

    Astis is a white-owned brand ripping off Indigenous artwork and traditions.

  2. Ggosling says:

    100% agree with previous comment. What a rip off of indigenous culture! I’d be ashamed to walk around wearing these gloves.

  3. L. Konz says:

    I think their products are beautiful and honor native Americans. If you’re worried about being ripped off, look to your local casino.

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