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When checking out gloves, there are literally hundreds of options ranging from $5-$350 on the market to choose from.  Dakine, a long time maker of gloves and mittens for winter travel has long been known for high quality and price points that won’t send you to the poorhouse. The Dakine Excursion Glove is designed for the skier and snowboarder who expects high performance while keeping your hands warm.

Dakine Excursion Glove Warmth Rating

Primaloft Insulation – Dakine Excursion Glove

Dakine list the Excursion Glove as a 5 on their 1-5 warmth scale rating.  This means it sits in the warmest of gloves that the brand makes.  The Excursion Gloves come with 170 grams of Primaloft insulation that packs a ton of warmth without sacrificing dexterity.  To give you some comparison as to what 170 grams of Primaloft insulation means, the popular Patagonia Nano Air Jacket uses 60 grams of Primaloft insulation.  This means the glove is packing close to 3 times the amount of insulation as many mid-layer Primaloft jackets on the market.

In addition to packing a lot of warmth into a small space, Primaloft also does a good job of not holding onto moisture.  Pairing this with GORE-TEX Active, you get a glove that keeps your gloves from getting too sweaty on those hard charging days.

Wool Lining in Glove

The inside lining of the Dakine Excursion Glove uses a soft and warm layer of wool.  Wool does a great job of pulling the moisture away from the skin, which helps your fingers and hand from getting sweaty and cold.

GORE-TEX Active Waterproof Glove Lining

GORE-TEX Membrane in Excursion Glove

If you’re out skiing for any extended period of time, a waterproof glove of mitten is a must (with exception to ski touring).  The Excursion Glove incorporates a GORE-TEX Active lining, which is a waterproof layer designed for maximum breathability. Compared to regular GORE-TEX, GORE-TEX Active more porous which allows for more breathability .  GORE-Tex Active is also used in other high exertion apparel pieces such as trail running and mountain biking jackets.

Excursion Glove Outer

Dakine Excursion Glove


Dakine Excursion Glove Palm

Leather Palm on Gloves

The outer of the Dakine Excursion gloves is a mixture of water resistant leather and soft shell material.  The palm of the glove has a leather outer lining which makes it great for ski pole grip and it won’t crack or break down after a season of use.  The top of the glove is a mixture of leather and soft shell fabric.  This allows for a little extra stretch as you grip your ski pole.

No Nose Wipe

One downside to the outer of the Dakine Excursion Glove is that the thumb uses the soft shell material which is not all that friendly to a runny nose. I’d rather have leather or suede on the thumb which is much more gentle on the nose.

Glove Cuff

Glove Cuff

The cuff of the Dakine Excursion Glove is designed for an under the jacket cuff fit.  To keep the cuff less bulky, there is a hook and loop (similar to Velcro) latch that make the cuff compact and easy to fit under a ski jacket cuff.  To keep snow from getting into the glove, there’s also an elastic cinched area around the wrist.

Great on Powder Days

I’ve skied in a number of different ski conditions with the Dakine Excursion Gloves, ranging from blue bird groomer days to waist deep powder days.  The Excursion Glove in my opinion is best designed for those big powder days where you want to keep your hands dry, but allow for some breathability.

Final Thoughts

The Dakine Excursion Glove is a winter glove investment you won’t regret.  This glove does an amazing job at keep your hands and fingers warm while allowing you to move freely.  This glove is designed for those who are usually in cold temps and for those whose’ hands get cold easily.  For more information, visit Dakine.com.

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