A Striking Look at Bolle Nevada Phantom+ Ski Goggles

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First thoughts on the Bolle Nevada Phantom Ski Goggles

For starters, when I say Ski, I mean ski or ride. I ski, so it comes natural for me to discuss this product in that setting. These goggles will work equally well for anyone who snowboards! Respect.

It has been decided that this is the winter that my girls are going to get proficient at tackling the Colorado ski slopes. Hence, my patience will be thoroughly tested as we cruise the greens and blues in search of small bumps and the occasional weave into the trees. It turns out, they do have a knack for speed, so dad’s heart rate tends to elevate at certain times. Why mention this, you may ask? Well, I am certainly no elite skier, and wanted to convey that this piece of gear is being tested by your average dad, dealing with cold fingers, tantrums, and lots of snacks stashed in his pocket.

Bolle Nevada encompasses numerous models. My specific goggle is the Bolle Nevada Phantom+ with a Polarized lens. One can go to their website (see link), and scroll through the various options and features to see which one suites your needs best.

Product Specifications

  • 100% UV protection
  • Photochromic lens
  • Optical clarity
  • Platinum Anti-fog
  • High-impact resistance
  • High performance polarization

The tint base for this lens is Pink, although that’s really not evident while skiing. The transmission is 51-15%. Bolle considers this to be their most premium lens because of its stabilized photochromic technology that functions well up to minus 25 degrees Celsius. Of course, the Bolle Nevada has 100% UV protection. Included in the box is a very tiny booklet in many languages. That is where I found the Filter Categories and how the light transmission ratings work.

I have the Black Corp Matte frame with the Phantom+ lenses. The filter lens rating is a category S1-S3 which allows for variable light transmission. This is a feature that resonates with me. I need to focus on a multitude of things, and bringing along other lenses or goggles for various conditions isn’t part of my thinking right now. It shows the S1-S3 rating and range is really good for most weather conditions.

In Colorado, the chance that we have a really bright sunny day is very good. Hence, an S4 category goggle may be a requirement for you at some point. I had one day where weather did move in, and the flat light was quite tricky to distinguish the slope conditions. Could I have used a Category 0 lens at that point? Maybe? All that said, this Nevado Bolle lens with the range really held up well throughout a day when things changed quickly even within a single run. It’s hard to carry around 3 different goggles, so this one really worked well on those variable days.

Goggle Measurements

Lens width: 171 mm

Lens Height: 93 mm

Frame width: 172 mm

Frame height: 96 mm

Talk about taking advantage of available space! The lens aside from a few millimeters is the entire front of the goggle.

Visibility And Venting

I created a special section to focus on the ability of the Bolle Nevada to keep a clear line of sight. The two bottom vents are very common in the goggle world, and this pair does a great job to keep air flowing through. As I was whizzing down the mountain, I never had an issue with my lenses fogging up.

The top vent is large to allow all the built up body heat to escape. On the inside there is a solid plastic framing in place to protect the mesh that’s covering it. I have certainly experienced those vents to be the weak point in a pair of goggles. The outer mesh is also made out of a more stretchy material to allow for some give. I like this feature, and hopefully it will give me a longer life and use.

What had escaped me at first is the small little vent holes on the front of the goggle in the actual lens. I am sure Bolle has their reasoning for placing this there, but from an end user standpoint, I never experienced any foggy lenses. Therefore, whatever they did is making a lot of sense, and works to keep me safe on the mountain.

Testing And Performance Of The Bolle Nevada Phantom On The Slopes

Goggle price ranges can vary widely, and for my purpose, I didn’t need something super fancy. They are going to see action in various conditions, but will likely get dinged from time to time. Hence, I need them to be a solid addition to my ski ensemble while being able to withstand some abuse.

The look of the Bolle Nevada especially in its black format is kind of stealth and phantom all in one. The ‘Bolle’ on one side and the logo on the other side become quite prominent. I don’t think Goggles are ever meant to be viewed as fashion statements, but I do know some that value a clean look that matches the rest of their ski attire.

One of the more important things in a ski goggle that I (and probably many) look for is the ability to see clearly in whatever weather condition may pop up unexpectedly. The capacity of the eye to see fine detail and bumpy terrain is greatly increased with a sharp clean lens. Flat light in foggy conditions seem to be the biggest culprit when wanting to cleanly careen down the hill.  An unexpected bump or dip can cause some havoc.

I am not the most careful guy out there, and tend to drop or run into things. I have scratched many a goggle, and usually that occurs when I am far away from the slopes. Getting tossed in a bag or car afterwards with boots tossed on top is usually a cause. I try to be careful, but it happens.

This is a Medium/Large Fit goggle, so with the strap adjustments (depending on size and shape of helmet) it’s a good fit for most people. I have a really old helmet, but it fits and works well for me. This goggle is versatile enough to work with mine and most helmets on the market.

The Nevada goggles includes a microfiber goggle bag for storage and cleaning.

Final Thoughts On The Bolle Nevada

The Bolle Nevada Phantom is a superior goggle in that it provides the user protection and visibility in a wide range of weather conditions. I consider myself to be a frugal guy, but “You pay for what you get” is a mantra I use on occasion. This is one of those instances! A cheap goggle will certainly work on perfect days, but to ski in a snowstorm is where sometimes the most epic days come from. The Nevada has a very simple and clean look, but function is superior.

Phantom is Bolle’s solution to create a competitive advantage, superior protection all the while creating an extraordinary visual experience. The optical clarity is really sweet, because it has the ability to adapt to the multitude of light conditions you may experience on any given day. And I will attest to starting out in cold foggy conditions that slowly burned off to sunny blue bird Colorado skies. Basically the lens tint changes from Cat. 1 to Cat. 3 as the conditions change. That can even happen during the course of one run as you go from wide open bowls to a canyon and trees where the micro climate is completely different.

The Nevada comes in various styles with numerous options which also means a swing in price from $100-$200. For more information please visit www.bolle.com or amazon.com/bolle.

Niels Oomkes: I am a multi-sport endurance athlete, and love to get out into the great outdoors to push the body to its limit. Most of my weekend expeditions, adventures, trips, or vacations are planned around running, biking, snowshoeing, camping, or anything else that will allow me to enjoy nature's exquisite beauty.
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