Bolle Virtuose Goggle Review

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Variable weather and light conditions can turn a wonderful day of skiing into a scary experience. A bluebird day can quickly change to puking snow in a flash and your sunny day goggles may not help you find your way down your next run. Fortunately, Bolle’s Virtuose Goggle is a cinch to swap out lenses and they offer a lens and strap color combination to meet your ski day and fashion needs.

One Click Interchangeable Lens System

The Bolle Virtuose is extremely easy to swap out lenses while on the move. You don’t have to struggle with lining up the nose piece which helps to save time. On the left side of the goggles, along the frame, there is a lever that can be slid up and disengages the lens from the frame. Simply slip the left and then right side of the lens out of the frame. To place a new lens, engage the right side first and then line up the grooves on the lens on the left and slide the lever down.

Green hook along the frame to easily attach the lens to
Lens flipped over, simple cut outs on each side make it easy to slide the lens into the frame
Venting along the top of the goggles

Bolle includes two lenses with the purchase of every pair of Virtuose goggles. You can select the first lens tint and the Aurora lens comes as the automatic second lens. The Aurora lens is an amber lens with a mirror coating that is great for overcast conditions. Typically, the lens combination provides a low and high light option. However, I tested out the Bolle Virtuose goggle with Emerald lens and found that the Aurora lens was very close to the Emerald lens in terms of light performance. Therefore, I rarely change between lenses. If however, I purchased a Red Vermillion lens, I would change out to the Aurora lens from time to time. It’s not a complete loss as I have two great lenses to choose from, which adds longevity to these goggles in the event of damaging one of the lenses. When one lens isn’t in use, Bolle provides an amazing storage sleeve that sandwiches the lens to keep it protected 360 degrees.

There is a indentation along the left that allows a elastic strap to sandwich and protect the lens when not in use. This case eliminates the need for a goggle bag and protects your lens when stored in your pack.

Lens and Frame features

Bolle incorporates many key features into their lenses to keep your vision clear no matter the conditions.

  • Double lens to work as a barrier to the elements and decrease the formation of condensation or fogging
  • P80 plus is an anti-fog layer in the inner layer lens to help spread water molecules to reduce moisture build up
  • CARBO-GLAS® is incorporated to the outer lens to prevent scratches
  • A small vent on the right side of the goggle lens to help eliminate condensation

    Can you tell the difference between the Amber and Emerald?

Combine the lens features above with a frame that is also designed to eliminate condensation with the inclusion of Flow Tech Venting, aka venting in the foam at the top and the bottom of the lenses to allow for air flow out and away from the lens. These vents are not noticeable and do not lead to chilling or cold entering your goggle when ripping down the slopes.

The frame is more rigid than the Julbo Airflux, but does integrate with various helmets that we own and tested the goggles with. To make up for the rigidity, Bolle has included triple layered foam to get a soft and comfortable fit agains most face shapes. The layer that sits against your face is a super soft thin layer of polar fleece.

Bolle Virtuose Goggle in use while skiing in the backcountry

Bolle Virtuose Fit

Bolle states that this goggle has a medium to large fit and I would agree with this. To adjust the goggles, simply pull on the two loops on each size to get an equal cinch on each size. The strap isn’t too fancy with colors or patterns, but features a single wide band of silicone to help keep your goggles in place.
The Bolle Virtuose Goggles retail for $169 which is a reasonable price considering you are getting two lens with one purchase, and both lens feature quality technology. Where I’d love to see Bolle improve is in the style department, offering up fun strap graphics. For more info on the Virtuose or other Bolle products visit
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