Dragon Rogue Goggle Review

The Dragon Rogue ski/snowboard goggles give you a big bang for your buck. The Rogue cost $120 and are in the middle price range for snow goggles. As a contact and glasses wearer, comfortable-close fitting goggles are a must to prevent dry eyes when worn with contacts. We found the Rogue to have an excellent fit for medium and smaller faces thanks to the triple layer foam and flexible hinges that allow for a tight, but comfortable fit. The Rogue was compatible within a variety of helmet styles and we were glad to report that we never had a gaper gap. The Rogue boasts a complex lens design that matches the curvature of your own eyes’ lenses to provide a more clear view, while also incorporating a dual layer lens that reduces fog. During our testing, the Rogue did not fog up too much on us when worn with a hood pulled tight around our testers’ helmet and face, or while boot packing up the mountain. These goggles have a polyurethane frame that is light weight and durable. There are a variety of lens color options, including a polarized model, to meet high or low level light conditions. We tested the Rogue on blue bird days and on white out conditions and were pleased with their UV protection and ability to block the elements. For more information on this product, please visit DragonAlliance.com

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