Giro Onset Goggle Review

Having a large, unobstructed field of vision is important to keep you safe on the slopes. The Giro Onset goggle provides just that in a package that is comfortable, lightweight, and easily integrates with your helmet to keep your noggin and eyes protected.

Giro Onset Specs

The designers over at Giro conducted in the lab and field testing to come up with new frame design that eliminates frame material in key areas to increase peripheral vision. They call this frame technology, EXV or Expansion View. When wearing the Giro Onset goggle, the only areas that I noticed the frame was when looking straight down and staring at my nose. When scanning side to side, I didn’t readily see the frame unless I really focused hard on it.

The goggle also features a spherical shape, to better follow the contour of your face. This helps to keep the goggle closer to your face and also works to improve the field of view. Combine the spherical shape and EXV, and spotting a landing, fending off an out of control skier at the resort, or spotting a safe line in the backcountry, becomes easier and improves your safety. 

Giro Onset Lens Technology and Options

The Giro Onset goggle features Zeiss lenses; a company that has been making lenses and innovating for the last 160 years. The Onset goggle utilizes True Sight™ Spherical Dual Lens, which means that it matches the natural spherical shape of your eye. Each lens features an anti-fog coating as well. 

I’ve been testing out the Amber Scarlet lens, which features a 40% VLT or visual light transmittance. I prefer to wear a lens that performs in a variety of sunlight and cloud conditions, rather than swap lenses out. Therefore, the Amber Scarlet has been a great match for me.

If you prefer to swap lenses, then do not fear, the Giro Onset is available in a wide array of VLT options: Black Limo (15% VLT) and Loden Dynasty (18% VLT) for sunny days, Persimmon (57% VLT) for stormy days, and everything in between. Click here for a complete listing of lens options and lens/strap color combinations.

To swap out the lenses, I recommend doing this when you are stationary and it will require that you remove your gloves. It was a bit more time consuming than some competitor’s, but I was able to do a full exchange in about 2 minutes. Here is a “How-To” video to take you through the steps.

Fit and Comfort

The Giro Onset goggles feature super soft triple layer foam: one layer to adhere to the frame, lightweight middle layer to match your facial contours, and a plush outer layer. The foam is soft on the skin and seals out the cold air without having to be ratcheted down tightly on your face.

Don’t let the large field of vision sway you into believing that the Giro Onset goggles will take over the vast majority of your face, making you look like a big eyed bug. The Giro Onset goggle is smaller in size than some of its’ competitors that tout large visibility, yet doesn’t sacrifice visibility as mentioned above. The goggle is labeled as having a large fit and would be best suited for medium to large sized face shapes and I would tend to agree.

When wearing the Giro Onset goggles with the Giro Discord helmet, I didn’t experience any fogging up. I did some high energy expenditure activities, such as hiking, some serious traversing, as well as making some hot afternoon laps. The goggles vent through the top of the foam and the Discord helmets feature large vents along the top to help dissipate the heat. I have heard reports of users experiencing fogging in between the dual spherical lens. I have yet to encounter any such problem and would alert Giro if it did occur, as this is likely an issue with the production of that particular lens and would warrant some further looking into. When wearing the helmets from other companies, I didn’t experience any fogging, but a little gap at the top with my Bern and Smith helmets. When worn with a Giro helmet, the transition from goggle to helmet is seamless.

Whether you are an avid backcountry skier, prefer to stick to the park, or like to zoom down fresh corduroy on a bluebird day, you value clarity in your vision. The Giro Onset goggle provided just that in a stylish and versatile package.

MSRP $150

For more information about the Giro Onset goggle, please visit

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