Oakley A-Frame 2.0 Goggle Review

Oakley A-Frame 2.0 Snow Goggle

The Oakley A-Frame Goggle has been one of Oakley’s most popular goggle over the last few years and for this season Oakley decided to update the classic design giving all those snow lovers out there version 2.0. The biggest update to the goggles was the addition of Oakley’s new Prizm lens technology along with some minor changes in appearance. I had a chance to test the goggles out in a variety of conditions and will dive deeper into what I thought about them in this review.

Lens Technology

This season Oakley introduced their new Prizm technology. The gist of this new technology is to improve contrast in a variety of lighting conditions. According to Oakley’s website, the Prizm lenses are the result of decades of color research that offers unprecedented control of light transmission leading to maximum contrast and enhanced visibility. The lenses are available in black iridium, jade iridium, and rose. The goggles I reviewed came with the black iridium lenses which are meant for sunny to overcast conditions. I thought they had great clarity and performed well in sunny conditions. Where I was most surprised was when I was going in and out of changing light conditions. When I was skiing through shadows or was skiing the glades the contrast was the exact same as in sunny conditions. I know other people have said they can’t tell a huge difference in contrast, but I thought the Prizm lenses thoroughly enhanced my vision. Plus I had the added bonus of not switching out my lenses on a partly cloudy day. I didn’t have a chance to use them on a true Colorado powder day, but I did take them out for some low light conditions with light snow coming down. Once again, I was impressed by how well these lenses covered a wide range of light conditions. The lenses also offer protection against fogging through a double vented lens with F3 anti-fog coating. The anti-fog technology worked great whether I was skinning up the trail in the snow or skiing down, no complaints. If you want to learn more about Oakley’s Prizm technology check out this quick video.

Prizm Lens: Great in Low Light Conditions

Prizm Lens


The Oakley A-frame 2.0 Goggle is built around the flexible O-matter chassis, which molds nicely to your face for comfort in any condition. I have a medium-sized face and the Oakley A-Frame 2.0 fit perfect. The goggles are padded with triple layer foam and a moisture wicking polar fleece lining which provided me with a pain-free day of skiing. The frames are equipped with articulating helmet straps, which act as hinges providing a better fit depending on if you are wearing a helmet or not. The goggles easily fit around my smith helmet and the silicone lining firmly secured the goggle to my helmet. I also wore the goggles without a helmet and I couldn’t tell a difference in fit or comfort. To prevent overheating the Oakley A-Frame 2.0 Goggles have two vent ports for improved air circulation.

Exceptional Ventilation


The Oakley A-Frame 2.0 Goggle offers a leaner, cleaner, and lower profile look than its predecessor leading to a very sleek good looking pair of goggles. The goggles look and fit great with or without a helmet. Oakley has them available in a variety of color options, so you are bound to find at least one combination that works for you.

Exceptional Comfort, Style, & Ventilation

Final Thoughts on the Oakley A-Frame 2.0 Goggle

In the past, I never put much stock into the quality of goggle I was wearing while skiing, but between this pair and other similar goggles I have changed my tune. I could no longer go back to skiing with a lesser quality goggle. The new Prizm technology is innovative and offers a high contrast lens with versatility in a variety of light conditions. If you are looking for a solid comfortable pair of goggles I would take a look at the Oakley A-frame 2.0 Goggle. The Prizm lens goggle starts at MSRP $150 making it a reasonable goggle option. Oakley did a great job of taking the classic frame and making it even better!

For more information about the Oakley A-Frame 2.0 Goggle visit www.oakley.com

Oakley A-Frame 2.0 Goggle

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