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Price: $129

For skiers and snowboarders looking for a quality snow goggle without paying a $200+ price tag, the Zeal Level goggle is a great option.  For the average skier and boarder, you want a goggle that has a good quality lens, won’t scratch the second you brush it up against tree branch fits with well with your helmet.  Oh, it has to look good too!  Zeal, an eyewear company that has been making both goggles and sunglasses has the perfect goggle that will hold up to everyday conditions without sending you to the poor house.

Zeal Level Goggle Frame

The Zeal Level goggle frame is in the large size category, meaning it is an oversized frame allowing for great peripheral eyesight. The large frame works for most guys, but most women like a smaller framed goggle.  The frame is made with a semi hard plastic that will bend a little bit with your face, but not too much.  On a negative side, I found that when using this goggle with a helmet, the nose piece put too much pressure on my nose which limits the amount of airflow through the nose.

Helmet Compatibility

The Zeal Level goggle is compatible with most ski and snowboard helmets on the market.  It has a flat-like top to the frame of the goggle which helps prevent exposed skin on your forehead when paired with a helmet.  To ensure the goggle stays in place on your helmet, there are 3 strips of silicone on the inside of the goggle strap that prevents the strap from moving around once in place.  I’ve tested this goggle with both the Oakley Mod 5 helmet and Smith Vantage and found there to be good compatibility.


To provide ample amount of venting in the Level goggle, there are foam covered vents on both the top and bottom of the goggle. These vents do a great job of keeping the lens from fogging up by allowing air to flow through, but keeping the snow out.  In addition to the top and bottom vents in the frame of the Level goggle, there are 4 foam covered vents within lens of the goggle. This provides more of a forced air effect when you’re skiing or snowboarding with some speed, or riding the chairlift.

Goggle Durability

After testing out this goggle for a couple months, I found both the lens to resist scratches and the frame to keep its shape.  To keep the lens from getting scratched easily, Zeal places an additional coating on the lens called Permashield Hardcoat that keeps the lens from scratching with the occasional tree branch or placing the goggle lens down on the bar during apres ski.

Lens Quality

Zeal has long been known as a quality lens maker in the eyewear seen for many years.  When choosing which lens you want for the Level 3, be sure you pick the right lens as this frame does not allow for changing out your lens.  I tested out the metal mirror lens that works well in both low light conditions as well as partly sunny days.  I personally enjoy more of a rose or yellow tinted lens as they warm up the outside which puts me in a chipper mood.

Anti-fog molecules are infused into the lens which means don’t have to worry about the lens from fogging up a couple years after use before the anti fog coating has faded away.

All lenses offer 100% UV protection which is important because you’re not only protecting your eyes from the sun, but also the glare that comes off the snow.

Goggle Comfort

For comfort on your face, the Zeal Level goggle uses 2 layers of foam and one layer of a soft fabric that sits against your face. The Level goggle does best with normal to large faces and heads due to the large frame size and somewhat rigid plastic.  For those with smaller or narrow faces and heads, I recommend using a standard sized goggle.

Final Thoughts

The Zeal Level goggle offers the perfect package for someone interested in a large framed ski and snowboard goggle.  It has most of the bells and whistles you’re looking for, but keep in mind the Level goggle is does not offer interchangeable lenses.  For more information, visit

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