Giro Discord Helmet Review

Conrad Rodas

Conrad is a fairly new Ironman triathlete, who loves the outdoors. He travels a lot for work and enjoys the challenge of finding a way to train while on the road. Since he is fortunate to visit so many new places he enjoys taking a lot of pictures, especially of the places where he is swimming, biking, running (mostly of himself). Conrad swam for the University of Louisville and still enjoys swimming the most out of the 3 sports. He also enjoys hiking, skiing, snowboarding and exploring new places. You can follow his endeavors at and pictures on Instagram

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2 Responses

  1. Shannon says:

    I own not only the Giro Discord helmet (size medium, white matte), but also own a pair of the Giro Onset goggles. Pairing the two together is awesome as you have a seamless transition from goggle to helmet and vice versa. There is no gapping along the forehead or near the temples, to allow cold air in. This means your noggin stays warm and your eyes won’t be drying out. In your review you mention “fogging up and venting”, I didn’t experience any issues with fogging with this pair, major bonus points in my book.

  2. Conrad Rodas says:

    Thank you so much Shannon for submitting your experience. I think it will help a lot of people know the compatibility of the helmet.

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