K2 Captura Pro Goggle Review

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K2 Skis have been around forever, K2 goggles on the other hand are still fairly new to market. Their entry into the optics game in 2012 was pretty low key and I only really started noticing them on the mountain this past season. Now that I’ve gotten a better look at the K2 Captura Pro Goggle I’ve got to say, I think they have the potential to become a major player in the snow optics arena. I tested out the Captura Pro in the Purple Fade with the Blue Infrared Octic Mirror lens and simply stated; they look great from any perspective.

Looks and fits great. And the perfect match with the K2 Virtue Helmet

Lens Technology of K2 Captura Pro Goggle

I like that all K2 goggles have a lenses by Carl Zeiss aka Zeiss Optics. It really gives you confidence that they took the entry into the market seriously. They didn’t just come out with a steezy frame, they rolled out the red carpet of lens technology.

Don’t know what Zeiss is? You probably do. Zeiss makes everything from binoculars to rifle scopes to planetarium projectors and they are really well established in optics. Needless to say, Zeiss is big in the arena of what you look at and look through. Companies like Spy and Bolle have been using them for years so you know K2 aims to stake their claim in this market.

Most people think goggles are for protecting your eyes from the sun and generally they are, but that’s not always the case! In fact, the time you need goggles the most is during storm skiing. When there’s low light and the contours of the trail are hard to make out. That’s when you are at the highest risk of overlooking a step down or having a bout of snow blindness. Ideal for cloudy days and flat light conditions, the Blue Infrared Octic Mirror lens on the K2 Captura Pro Goggle is meant for those days when the sun doesn’t shine but the ski conditions are primo.

The K2 Captura Pro Goggle has double-layer spherical hard-coated lens made of tough polycarbonate. They’re not polarized which is fine since polarization is mainly for reducing glare on water (bet you didn’t know that?). They still block 100% of UVA/B/C rays which is truly what matters if you’re trying to protect your eyes. More importantly, I experienced no fogging. None. I’ll hike to get that extra vert and no matter what the conditions you will fog up a lesser lens when you start working hard for your turns.

K2 Captura Pro Goggle Lens and Dual Density Foam

In addition to their attention towards visibility, K2 uses Ri-Pel® technology on all their lenses which expels water, sweat, fingerprints as well as protect against scratching and smudging. If you think back to that storm skiing (or you’re just dreaming about it like me), you’re going to want this kind of tech on your side.

Octic Mirror lenses like the Blue Infrared utilizes a unique combination of base lens color coupled with an 8-layer dielectric mirror technology. I really noticed this every time I took them out. I would highly recommend these lenses for a day when the weather is going to transition a lot. My first day wearing these started out bluebird and ended quite cloudy. I really like that I could just stay out until I was done riding and didn’t have to worry about switching out my goggles. When it was sunny the lens balances out the light and glare, but as the weather turned they continued to create definition in the landscape.

K2 Captura Pro Goggle Frame

The frame on the Captura Pro is very comfortable and most importantly they look great and fit my face perfectly. Goggles are not meant to be face eaters, that’s only acceptable when you’re a child using hand-me-downs. The smaller frame is great for a woman’s face and the elongated cheek bones provide good peripheral vision, even when paired with a helmet. Speaking of helmets, I was wearing these with the K2 Virtue Helmet and they are highly compatible. No gapper gap, no brain freeze.

K2 Captura Pro side profile

The cushion beneath the frame is made up of two densities of foam that afix the frame to your face and it’s really comfortable and stable—the goggles didn’t slop around in turbulent conditions. The micro fleece layer that separates your face from the foam is super soft too. I think the only upgrade I’d make to the design of the frame can be found in the strap. A clasp at the back would have been nice for fitting the goggles with the helmet.

Final Thoughts on K2 Captura Pro Goggle

K2 didn’t mess around when they entered the optics game with the Captura Pro Goggle.The whole setup has good flexibly (it will roll with you if you take a tumble), light weight and fitted. You will not feel like a joey wearing these so you’ll need to dig deeper in your closet come gaper day.

This is a high quality product and would be a great option for anyone who rides in low light conditions. If you’re more of a fair weather rider the the frame can also be purchased with a Pink Silver Tripic Mirror lens which is better suited to medium sunlight days. The K2 Captura Pro Goggle is hot this season so if you can pick them up, definitely do. For more information on these and other K2 gear, visit www.amazon.com/k2.

Samantha Johnson: Sam is a Colorado transplant hailing from the Green Mountain State. Having grown up just minutes away from Mad River Glen and Sugarbush Resort in Vermont, Sam has actually been skiing/snowboarding since she was potty trained, really. About 10 years ago Sam made the move west for bigger mountains and now calls Colorado home with her husband and son. Since moving to CO Sam has continued her livelong passion for powder days as well as becoming an avid hiker, biker and runner; completing several marathon plus length races a year.
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