MSR Revo Explore Snowshoes Review


Andrea loves anything to do with the outdoors. Just being outside puts a big smile on her face. Hiking is Andrea's favorite way of exploring beautiful and rugged terrain. She is always up for any hiking adventure rain, snow, or shine! Besides being an avid hiker, Andrea also has a love for both trail and road running. Andrea has completed a handful of half marathons and has it on her list to run a full marathon very soon. During the winter months you'll find Andrea hitting the slopes in CO & MT. All other times you'll find her road biking, camping, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, or hitting up all the Ft. Collins Breweries. Andrea's four legged friend Bentley is just as eager to be in the mountains, he is always accompanying her on all of her outdoor adventures.

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2 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Hi Andrea–

    I purchased the MSR Revo Explore 25″ just after Christmas 2014 and spent New Year’s weekend trying them out. I’m 6’4″ 210 pounds with a size 13 foot, so I figured the larger shoe was for me. I tested them in the conditions that were available–packed snow and ice, and soft snow ranging from 1 1/2 feet to 2 feet in depth. I was not carrying any gear. The positives: Love the bindings! I’ve never used shoes that were this easy! Traction is excellent in all conditions. Negatives: I sank in soft snow, making walking an effort.
    Granted, conditions were unseasonably warm (60 degrees) and snow quality not the best right now in California, so more testing will be necessary. But overall, I love the fit and the bindings. That in itself makes a great snowshoe.

  2. Kevin Fonger says:

    Thanks for the feedback Mark! I typically go up to a larger sized snowshoe which typically helps you stay on top of the snow. I usually go snowshoeing in the Colorado Rockies and our snowpack is 3 feet plus. I weigh 170lbs and 30″ is my go-to size for snow shoes. Just a little feedback, hope it helps. Thanks!

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