Outdoor Research Superlayer Jacket Review

Erik Johnson

Erik moved to Colorado in 2007 to ski. Fast forward to 2017, Erik is still an avid skier, but loves to trail run and mountain bike as well. Over the past several years he's grown an affinity for winter trail running Erik is based out of Boulder, Colorado with his wife and two boys. His 3 year old Sven is quickly taking to skiing and he couldn't be more proud.

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2 Responses

  1. calvin says:

    what temps did you find the jacket useful? i’m trying to compare it with the patagonia nano air and can’t decide what is better.

    their site lists it as a trim fit … not sure if you’re familiar with outdoor research’s other jackets … but it would be good to know if it’ll fit under their trim fit shell.

  2. Erik Johnson says:

    Hi Calvin,

    It depends on what you are using it for. I’ve been wearing this piece to work and also on the hill. I find for casual wear you can comfortably go up to 40F. For active sports, I would not recommend this jacket above 30F. Even though this jacket does a great job dumping heat, I found it to be too hot while skiing above 30F.

    They list it as a trim fit, but I think its bleeds into a standard fit. I am 5’9″ and generally prefer a “standard” fit. I found that this jacket fit me perfectly and fell somewhere between a trim/standard fit. If i used this piece exclusively for layering and wanted it to be more athletic I might have sized down.

    Hope this helps.


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