Salomon Sentinel Ski Review

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2 Responses

  1. Sam P says:

    I demoed 5 different skies in Feb 2011 in Whistler with a variety of conditions, mainly looking for a ski that goes from groomers to off piste (>50% off piste).

    I settle on the Sentinel as I loved it. FYI – I am 181cm and 110kg (i.e. a big boy) and I tried both the 184 and 177, and I settled on the 177. I ski blacks and some double blacks, but only did 17 days this season. I pair this ski up with the Salomon st14 binding due to my weight.

    The review above is pretty true to form. I love the Sentinel for my type of skiing. Demo first before you buy as the 184 was essentially the same ski, but I much prefered the 177. YMMV (you mileage may vary).


  2. Neil Woodward says:

    I was looking for a ski to replace my old xscreams which had started to ooze black stuff from their torpedo tubes. The Sentinel is the perfect replacement. They do not carve quiet as well as the old xscream on piste but once you move off piste they are far better. I love them and I’m more than happy with my decision

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