Tubbs Flex NRG Snowshoe Review

Tubbs makes the Flex NRG for men and women; the women’s model is a one size fits all design with a 22-inch length and weighs in around 3.8 lbs.  The Flex NRG is rated to carry any weight under packed or variable conditions, however when used in powder Tubbs states that the model will perform best for women under 165 lbs.  We tested the Flex NRG around town during an early snowstorm in Denver that dropped 2ft of snow and on trails in the backcountry.  We found that the Flex NRG’s performed well for the novice to more advanced snowshoer thanks to its compact design and maneuverability.  The decking is equipped with ability to sustain torsion and adapt to many snow conditions and increases the versatility of these snowshoes.  These shoes come with Tubbs’ 180 binding system which is lightweight and helps keep the overall weight of the shoe down.  The binding system consists of a small forefoot buckle with pull adjustment straps and a separate strap to keep the heel in place.  Testers liked that it was simple to get these shoes on and even easier to remove after a long day on the trail, to remove all you have to do is unclip the top buckle and slide your foot forward. We also liked the FLEX Tail technology, which helps absorb shock at the heel during each step, therefore decreasing the potential for joint pain and increasing your likelihood of wanting to hike farther.  Overall, the Flex NRG was the easiest for the novice to jump into, while also allowing a comfortable-easy to maneuver option for more experienced hikers.  The fact that the Flex NRG can accommodate a variety of weights also makes it a great option for someone who is looking for an extra pair to have for visitors or for use at a family cabin where there will be many different types of users.  For more information, please visit TubbsSnowshoes.com

Shannon: Shannon, our fabulous female tester, takes gear testing to a new level for women. When not at work or school, she is most likely training for a marathon, climbing one of Colorado’s tallest peaks, riding her road bike, or skiing down a mountain slope. Like many women, Shannon gets cold easily, therefore, we try to test the best all weather gear to help her stay warm and dry during all day outdoor pursuits. In the warmer months, Shannon enjoys exploring the Colorado backcountry with her friends and dogs and attempts to escape for as many trail runs as her schedule allows. Shannon is a great women’s tester because she gives readers true insight into how a product may perform for an active woman.
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