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super.natural baselayer
Men’s Base 1/4 Zip 175

super.natural baselayer First Thoughts

super.natural offers a wide range of performance apparel, including both outerwear and base layers in men’s and women’s lines.  The focus seems mostly to be on a range of outdoor activities including running, hiking, climbing, cycling, and skiing.  This fall, I’ve been wearing the Men’s Base 1/4 Zip 175.  Made from a blend of merino wool, polyester, and lycra, it’s a material blend they call Contact Stretch Jersey 175.  It is a medium weight, soft, comfortable fabric available in several color options.


The super.natural baselayers look good enough to be out on display, not just hidden underneath your flashy outer layers.  The fabric blend seems to hold up a lot better than another popular brand of merino wool-based performance wear.  The addition of the polyester and lycra have a couple of advantages.  First, despite having washed this jersey about a dozen times over the course of the fall, there is no sign of the pilling you’d expect to see on a 100% wool garment. Second, the lycra prevents the fabric from getting that saggy, baggy look you sometimes get with wool.

super.natural Baselayer  Feel

As I mentioned, the super.natural baselayer is extemely comfortable.  The fabric is soft and fits well.  The lycra gives it enough stretch to move with you without having to be baggy and shapeless.  The seams are flat, so you don’t have to worry about chafing or hot spots from those  – see below.

super.natural baselayer
Men’s Base 1/4 Zip 175

I found the sizing ran true.


While the look and feel are important, we’re still talking about performance wear here, so that stuff doesn’t matter if the materials can’t measure up to the job. Good news – the super.natural baselayers perform very well.

The material offers excellent wicking and breathability.  This combination delivers very good temperature regulation for a lightweight garment.  I found that it was ideal as a single layer for running in typical cool fall temperatures.  Depending on your own personal thermostat, you’ll probably find that the baselayer keeps you comfortable all the way down to somewhere in the range of 30-50 degrees.  For temperatures below that, as this cruel early winter has so happily provided, the super.natural baselayers do indeed work very well as base layers.

I tested this material mainly in a running context (by the way, I gave the boxer briefs a try as well. My initial fears that they would chafe were unfounded. The super.natural baselayer boxers were very comfortable and an excellent addition for those very cold runs. The combination of light weight, durability and breathability/wicking suggest it would be excellent for hiking and winter climbing.

super.natural baselayer

Recap for the super.natural baselayer

super.natural baselayers offer a good-looking, durable, and high-performing option for cool and cold weather outdoor activities.  The Men’s Base 1/4 Zip 175, retailing for $85,  is a good value.

Check out the super.natural website for additional products and the range of colors available.

brian g: Brian is a road-runner with 25+ years of experience, occasionally trading the flatlands of his adopted hometown (Columbus, OH) for more exotic surfaces at marathons, half-marathons and long distance relays throughout the country, with the occasional canoe, kayak, or hiking trip to mix things up.
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