The Gordini Stash Lite Glove Review

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Gordini Stash Lite Glove

Initial thoughts on the Gordini Stash Lite glove

The Gordini Stash Lite Gloves are a wonderful addition to any active outdoor winter athlete. Ideal for warm weather skiing, backcountry hiking, snowshoeing, or simply a chillier night out on the town. I have mainly been using these gloves for running in the chilly early mornings. They are light, soft, comfortable, and the touch screen capability is a very convenient feature.

Gordini Stash Lite

Technical features of the Gordini Stash Lite glove

The shell of the Gordini Stash Lite is made with a flexible ripstop to aid in preventing snags or tears. That’s not something I would necessarily test for, but hope it helps with a stray branch as I hit the trails. The nylon grip on the palm is actually really “grippy”. At times, I drive to meet friends to go for a run, and it felt like I had a lock on the steering wheel.

The spandex cuff has a nice stretch to it, and I’ve not had any issues with drafts or snow creeping in. The cool thing is that the cuff is actually the stuff pocket. With 2 simple folds, you can easily stuff the entire glove into said pocket. I’ve done this numerous times while able to maintain my pace, and I simply pop them into my coat pocket. This is great for when the weather is variable, and the your effort level also changes.

The insulation is made of Insilk with a Hydrowick microdenier lining. During an intense workout, it allows your hands to dump sweat as well as breathe. All the while shielding the wind to keep you comfortable.

The touch screen capable material on your digits are great for when you do have to answer that oh so important call. I am in the medical industry and being ‘on-call’ is a common occurrence. I’ve taken many emergency calls on the run, so to speak, and now my hands and fingers won’t get cold.

Performance of the Gordini Stash Lite glove

I  run in my Gordini Stash Lite gloves. I run in them a lot! I have taken them out in brisk and very cold weather.  They have truly performed wonderfully in all types of temperatures and conditions.

They have also been my go to driving gloves, and while running around doing errands as they are light and fold up to the size of a coin purse.

The touch screen capability these gloves have are convenient, because let’s face it, the majority of our lives are spent on the phone texting or surfing the net. Why not stay warm while doing so!?!

Touch screen capable and Stuff pocket on cuff making it the size of a coin purse

Final thoughts on the Gordini Stash Lite glove

I think these gloves are great! Super comfortable, light and versatile.  I wear mine running, driving, and for everyday activities. I can’t wait for more snow to hit, so that I can take them snowshoeing. The effort and energy expended while doing that will be perfect for the Gordini Stash Lite Gloves.

They wash and dry well.  They’ve continued to keep their color and shape even after multiple washes. I have enjoyed my vibrant Neptune color gloves.

I wear a surgical size 6 glove which is small.  Although I did go with a size Medium, I felt I probably could have sized down. If you just need comfortable lightweight gloves for a wide variety of uses, this is the glove for you.

Gordini Stash Lite

Colors: Black, Charcoal, Lava, Neptune, Nightlife, Rouge

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Joanna Oomkes: Joanna is a life long runner, and has completed 16 marathons including 4 Bostons. Her latest notable accomplishment was finishing the Boulder Ironman. Having moved to Colorado 5 years ago, Joanna is now on a quest to run up and summit all of Colorado's 14,000 foot peaks. In her "spare" time, she loves to travel with her husband and two little girls. Having been to 43 of the 50 states and 5 countries.
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