Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack Review

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At first glance, I thought to myself that I would never have a use for the Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack when it came in the mail.  After all, I just throw my ski gear into my car when I head to the resort to go skiing.  As I think this to myself, the organizational side of me is slapping me in the face as well as my extremely well organized wife(she didn’t actually slap me).  If I have the choice to be organized or not, I find life to be much more relaxed and enjoyable when I am organized and the Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack brought some much needed organization to my ski life which just got a lot more busy with our recent relocation to Steamboat.

One thing that I like to know when going skiing is that I have everything I need to get up and down the hill.  That includes skis, boots, poles, helmet, goggles, gloves, ski pants, ski socks and snacks to keep me energized.  One of the ways I keep my day more enjoyable is to get ready the night before if I am headed out early to get in some turns.  By using an organization system like the Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack, I find that all I need to do is make some toast and tea and grab my boot backpack and skis and I am on my way.  This is much more relaxing than searching all over the house for gloves, hats, ski socks, goggles, etc.

Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack Holds…

Lots and Lots of Ski Gear!!


Do not let looks deceive you when you look at this bag.  The first time I looked at the Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack, I thought to myself, great, a bag for my boots.  This bag is sooo much more!!  The Roundtrip holds ski boots(large and small), helmet, big down puffy mittens, winter beanie, goggles, ski pants, ski socks, mid layer or lightweight insulated jacket, snacks, and still has room for other items.  I was absolutely amazed by all the gear you can fit in this backpack the first couple times I used it.

A Compartment for Every Piece of Ski Gear

It’s not a backpack where you stuff everything into one compartment, there are separate compartments for pretty much every item you have.  This includes a hard-cased protective compartment for goggles and sunglasses, a large boot compartment with grommets at the bottom to drain any melted snow, a large pocket on the front to store your helmet and some clothing, and 2 large side pockets to store things like gloves, and mittens, and other similar sized items.  Yes, this bag fits it all!!

How the Backpack Travels

Depending on whether you are traveling by foot, car, bus, train, or airplane, the Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack will work for you in different ways.  For those traveling by foot, the name says it all.  There are two hearty backpack straps that make it easy to get around town and the resort.  The Roundtrip is padded on the back as well so you don’t have a pair of stiff boots jabbing into your back.  For the car, the backpack is very compact for everything that it carries.  If you have a lot of people traveling with you, it’s nice to have all your gear in your own bag and you don’t have to fumble over who’s gear is who’s.  For airplane and train, the Routrip has the following dimensions:

Height (in) 19.25 in
Length (in) 13 in

This backpack is a little bulkier than the standard carry-on, so it will best be checked.  If you are also looking for a ski bag, the Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack also connects to the Thule Roundtrip ski and Snowboard bags.  I have not tested this out at the airports or train stations yet, so I am not sure if the airlines and trains will count this as one bag or two.

Final Thoughts

If you have’t noticed, I am completely in love with the Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack.  This bag has turned me into a believer of the ski boot bag(though I am not sure if the others are as nice as this bag). Whether you’re an organizational freak or just need a bag to store your gear, the Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack is sure to impress.  For more information, visit

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