Dahlie Airnet Review: Pants and Long Sleeve

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DÆHLIE is a Norwegian brand established in 1996 from Bjørn Dæhlie who was a highly accomplished competitive Nordic skier who set out to create a apparel for endurance athletes. When you look through their lineup on their website, it is clear that the brand doesn’t try to be everything to everyone or a catch all snow sports company. There is an obvious focus on endurance sports, initially starting with Nordic skiing and now venturing into the sport of running. I’ve had the opportunity to test out the Dahlie Airnet line, both their pants/tights and long sleeve shirt.

The Dahlie Airnet lineup is primarily designed for high exertion activities with the idea that this apparel will be your next to skin layer. While there are some base layers that use an ultra light thin layer of continuous material, the Dahlie Airnet line incorporates a combination of continuous lightweight material and a fishnet like pattern that provides the most breathability I have ever experienced in a base layer. Due to the nature of the amount of breathability the fishnet pattern provides, both the pants and shirt are usually best for high exertion workouts or racing in cross country skiing and running. They also work well for more normal exertion levels when the temperatures are a little warmer so you don’t freeze your cheeks off.

Dahlie Sweater Airnet Wool Long Sleeve

The Dahlie Airnet long sleeve has an approximate 50/50 blend of strategically placed continuous material and fishnet wool. This blend allows your body to vent where it generates the most warmth and gives you a little warmth where you might want it. In my testing, I found the Airnet Wool Long Sleeve to be extremely breathable while ski touring up steep ascents. This breathability can also get a little chilly when it gets cold and windy with vents, typically in temps below 10 degrees Fahrenheit for myself. This is where layering comes in handy. Above 10-15 Fahrenheit and if you’re keeping a good clip, I find this to be a great top as a base layer with just a light shell.

The one downside to this shirt in that it is a little short on the torso. I tested out a size medium and I found the shirt to ride up to my belly button at times which can feel a little awkward at times.

Dahlie Pants Airnet Wool

The Dahlie Pants Airnet Wool is similar to the long sleeve shirt in that it is unlike any other base layer. These base layer bottoms are incredibly breathable and very revealing. The first time I put the pants on, I started to giggle a little. The reason for this is because of the fishnet like material used on nearly the entire backside of the pants, making it feel like I should be buying them from Victoria’s Secret vs an outdoor or ski shop.

On the front side of the bottoms, there is a traditional lightweight merino wool base layer material down to the shin of the leg and then the fishnet pattern down to the ankle.

As for the performance of the Airnet wool pants, they are AWESOME! I use these base layer bottoms on a regular basis for my uphill travel at the resort where you are hard charging on non-stop steep ascents as well as my regular ski tours where the temperatures are above 20F. I usually wear a lightweight ski bib with the vents all the way open which is great for keep your body temperate regulated and keeping you from getting too sweaty. I think you can stay comfortable down to about 5-10F, but try to be safe in case you get stuck out in the backcountry with an emergency or equipment failure.

Dahlie Airnet Overall Thoughts

The airnet line by Dahlie is truly a one of a kind base layer lineup. In sports where sweaty clothes can get in the way of both performance and comfort, the Airnet is a welcomed addition to the world of base layers.

This Airnet line is not for everyone. It’s not for the weekend alpine skier or the backcountry or Nordic skier who’s looking for one base layer setup for all activities. If you enjoy pushing your body to the limits, the Dahlie Airnet will quickly become one of your best friends during endurance sports in cold weather climates. For more information on the Airnet line and other Dahlie products, visit dahlie.com or amazon.com.

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