Dale of Norway Rondane Masculine Sweater

Price: $228
Material: Merino Wool
Fit: athletic/True to Size

When it comes to mastering the classic ski resort look, there is no other brand other than Dale of Norway that does it better. Dale of Norway has been around since 1879 producing high quality winter apparel in Dale, Norway.  The Rondane Masculine Sweater is a performance oriented top from Dale of Norway that is suited for both on the slopes and in town fashion.

Fashion First

While Dale of Norway talks about how its’ products are performance oriented, the price tag on most of the products makes it hard for me to think of the brand as a performance first.  This may turn some people off who only care about technical features and performance, but there is a market for this type of clothing.  On the fashion front, Dale of Norway has not veered far from their classic norwegian designs which is a breath of fresh air when choosing between a lot of the bright and flashy designs.

Dale of Norway Rondane Masculine Sweater Performance

Dale of Norway focuses more on fashion than function, but it doesn’t mean that performance has to suffer. The Rondane Masculine Sweater is made of a high quality merino wool that has the important winter apparel properties of warmth and breathability. For skiing and hiking, the Rondane Masculine Sweater performances just as good as other mid-layers on the market. The main difference is that you can wear this sweater out to a nice dinner without having to do a costume change.

Sweater Fit

The Rondane Masculine Sweater has an athletic fit, meaning it hugs your body.  I am 6’0 tall and 175lb and I feel the sweater fits well and looks good with a size medium. If I had an extra 10 lbs, I think I would either need to size up, or need to look for a looser fitting style.  A feature worth noting is that this sweater doesn’t fit too shot on the arms or around the waist.

Should You Buy the Matching Sweater for Women and Hat?

One thing that I found funny on the Dale of Norway website was the listing of a matching women’s version and a matching hat. This might be okay outside of the U.S., but if you happen to get your wife or girlfriend the matching version of this, you might be guaranteed to be the butt of all jokes the night you both wear them.  Do yourself a favor and find one of the styles from Dale of Norway.


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