tasc Performance Bamboo+Merino Base Layer Level A Pant Review

The tasc Performance Bamboo+Merino Base Layer Level A Pant

A great base layer is essential to outdoor activities and tasc Performance understands this, having been created with the singular goal of reinventing performance apparel.  The family-founded and operated company wasn’t happy with the shortcomings of existing products and has committed itself to to addressing them with their unique fabrics.  The tasc Performance Bamboo+Merino Base Layer Level A Pant is the perfect long underwear for high activity winter sports such as skiing, winter running, mountaineering, and snowshoeing.  The pants are offered in a heavier Level B weight that is better those who like a warmer base layer.  They offer a mildly fitted shape for layering but the real stand out of the tasc Performance Bamboo+Merino line is the fabric.

tasc Performance Bamboo+Merino Base Layer Pant: Top-notch fabric performance

tasc Performance first goal as a performance apparel company was to find/create a new fabric that would offer the benefits of wool and synthetic fabrics without the drawbacks.  This led them to creating the patent-pending BamCo fabric finishing process, which uses eco-friendly bamboo to create a fabric component that doesn’t use chemicals, is comfortable, lightweight, odor-resistant, breathable, and moisture-wicking.  Given that typical synthetic fabrics are created from petroleum products, tasc is making an effort to reduce environmental impact with BamCo.  As the name suggests, the Bamboo+Merino Base Layer Level A Pant uses tasc’s Bamboo+Merino fabric that is a combination of 65% Bamboo Viscose, 30% Merino Wool, and 5% Lycra Spandex.  The bamboo viscose has many of the great attributes I’ve come to love from merino wool while offering a better skin feel than pure wool.  I wore the Level A Pant in a number of winter conditions and the performance of the fabric was remarkable.  When I ski I go from being very active to sitting on a cold chairlift in relatively short periods of time. Because of this, I need clothing that dries quickly and doesn’t leave me cold in my own sweat.  The tasc Performance Bamboo+Merino fabric dried nearly as quick as pure synthetic nylon, which is generally the fastest drying.  Moisture-wicking properties were apparent in this application as well and moved sweat away from my skin.  Odors are always a worry with base layers and thankfully, tasc did a great job creating a fabric that has minimal odor retention.  On a multi-day ski touring trip, I wore the Bamboo+Merino Base Layer Level A Pant and they managed to stay almost completely stink-free!

tasc Performance Bamboo+Merino Base Layer Level A Pant: Fit and Finish

tasc Performance Bamboo+Merino Base Layer Level A Pant review: the seams and stitching are very comfortable. However, the cut is baggier than I’d like for optimal thermal performance. The fabric bunch at the calf and ankle make it hard to put the pants into a ski boot.

The Bamboo+Merino Base Layer Level A Pant is cut with a fairly generous fit for a thermal layer.  They are not a skin-tight fit all around so if you are looking for that, these may not be right for you.  In a size large on my (relatively) large legs, there was a fair amount of loose fabric behind the knee and at the lower calf and ankle.  I imagine that someone with small legs might actually find the Base Layer Level A Pant baggy.  I wear very tight ski boots that barely have room for a thin sock and because of the bunched fabric and loose fit on the lower calf, I pulled the pants up above my boot when skiing.  Because of this, I found them a better match for activities where you can leave them at full length like running and snowshoeing.  Personally, I would have preferred a skin-tight fit since I feel it leads to better thermal and moisture-wicking performance.  On a positive note, the stitching on the Bamboo+Merino Base Layer Pant is excellent and very flat around the seams.  I didn’t notice any of the stitching while wearing the pants and that is really all that matters.  The waist strap has the right amount of stretch to keep them tight while not feeling constricting and is comfortable enough.

tasc Performance Bamboo+Merino Base Layer Level A Pant Review: Wrap-Up

tasc Performance has an excellent fabric that stands out from other performance apparel options and the Bamboo+Merino Base Layer Level A Pant does a solid job of putting the fabric to use as a long underwear for winter and fall activities.  The fabric is eco-friendly, wicks moisture well, stays odor-free, and feels great against the skin.  The pants performed well in a number of applications and were a versatile warmth weight.  I only wish that tasc would have made them with a tighter fit that lends itself to being put into ski boots and wrapping the legs.

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