The North Face Ventrix Hoodie Review

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Creating a synthetic insulated jacket isn’t rocket science for most brands these days, but creating a synthetic insulated jacket that is both breathable and can move with you as you move is not always as simple as it sounds.  The North Face Ventrix Hoodie is designed for the active outdoors person, whether you’re into climbing, ski touring, or other cold weather activities, this jacket is designed to perform.


The insulation used in the Ventrix Hoodie is designed to expand to allow heat to vent and contract to hold in heat in the areas of the jacket you want to hold onto that warmth..  There are tiny holes on both the inside of the jacket and the outside of the jacket to allow moisture and heat to escape.  One of the most common places to generate heat and moisture is near the middle to upper back in which some of the tiny holes are placed.  These tiny holes are also located on the outside of the jacket underneath the armpits, another common area in which you want to vent heat.  There are no other areas on the jacket that are designed for venting.  As you can imagine, if you end up using too many venting holes on the outside of the jacket, it will wet out pretty quickly in the event you get into snow, sleet or rain.

As with climbing, ski touring and other winter activities, there are common wear areas on apparel.  To keep the jacket from fraying and pilling, there is a thicker denier fabric used on both the forearms and bottom hem of the jacket.  To keep snow, debris and cold air drafts from getting in, there are elastic cuffs on the arms of the Ventic and a cinch cords around the hem.

Ventix Hoodie Fit

The fit of The North Face Ventix Hoodie is spot on if you have an average athletic cut.  I’m 6’0 and 165lbs and I find the size medium to fit perfectly.  I’ve used this jacket for cold weather bike commuting for the last month and found the arms on the jacket to be long enough for stretching out over the bars.  The last thing you want in a jacket is short arms.  The hood of the Ventix is designed to fit without using cinch cords to get it to fit your head.  As with my cold weather commuting, I’ve used the hood 5 days a week for the last month and found it to fit for 98% of my needs.  In the severe cold weather, I found it could be a half inch bigger in the area of where it covers your forehead.  This being my only complaint with the fit, I have been extremely overall with the fit of the Ventix.

Ventix Features

The Ventix acts more like a workhorse than a feature rich jacket in my opinion.  The main “feature” that stands out to me in this jacket are the sleek zippers.  TNF uses a hidden style of zipper that is super easy to open and close and it gives the jacket some nice styling.  There are a total of two side pockets and one chest pocket that takes advantage of this zipper design.

There are a number of pretty good color combos for The North Face Ventix Hoodie in my opinion.  Sometimes you find a jacket that is the perfect jacket with exception to not having great color combos.  In my opinion, there are more muted color tones for the more conservative user and colorful options for the person who wants to have a little more color in their life.   I tested out the black on black and I find it to be a solid colored jacket that goes with pretty much everything.  For more information, visit

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