G3 FINDr 102 Backcountry Skis Review

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The G3 FINDr 102 backcountry skis have been updated from the previous ski seasons. With three widths including 86, 98, and 102 underfoot, the G3 FINDr product lineup provides an option for skiers searching for fresh deep pow to those who want a skinnier lightweight ski. For this review, I’ve been testing out the FINDr in a 102 width and 179cm length.

New features

The biggest and most notable feature in the FINDr 102 backcountry skis is patent-pending magnetic contact points that keep the skis together without using a ski strap or interlocking the brakes. The magnetic contact points are a bonus feature for when you’re out skiing the backcountry, as well as transporting your skis to and from your garage to your car to the snow.

I’ve found the magnetic contact points to work best with skins on. No matter the skin surface, the magnetic contact points do a good job of holding the skis together. I’ve found that if you get any ice build-up around the contact points of the skis, they can have a hard time attaching to each other. This has only happened a couple of times, but I think it’s important to know that the skis sticking to each other is not an absolute and it’s important not to ditch your ski strap.

The previous version of the FINDr 102 is my main go-to backcountry ski when not testing and from the older version to the newer version, it ski’s very similar to the previous version.

G3 FINDr 102 backcountry ski performance based on snow condition and terrain

Powder – Score 9/10

In powder, the FINDr 102 backcountry skis are in their comfort zone and is where the ski performs it’s best. I found the ski to provide just enough float to stay on top of nearly all powder types with exception to the champagne powder that we get in Steamboat. When skiing powder, the FINDr 102 is playful, surfy and responsive. The second I initiate a turn, the ski sticks with me move for move and I felt very comfortable no matter the situation. While skiing open glades on big powder days, I enjoy skiing in the trees the most and I find that the FINDr 102 can navigate tight and quick turns with the best of them.

Crud – Score 5/10

While most of us don’t enjoy the ice and crud as much as fluffy powder snow, it is almost inevitable that we encounter it when skiing. The FINDr 102 leaves a little bit to be desired when it comes to skiing the crud. I typically ski the crunchy and icy snow either when I skin up the resort and ski down the resort after it’s been skied on all day or on above tree line terrain where sun and wind punish the snow. On the descent, I find the G3 FINDr 102 has a hard time pushing through the chunky crud and the ski gets pushed around a lot. This tends to through you off your game a little and if there was one thing I wish the ski could do better, it would be for it to ski the crud better.

Ice – Score 7/10

On uphill ascents, I found this ski has a good amount of edge contact to keep you planted on the slope vs sliding down an icy ravine. I’ve definitely pushed the ski(and myself) to its limits when it comes to skinning and skiing across steep icy sections. On a few occasions, I’ve switch backed up and across steep icy pitches instead of boot packing uphill. I find that while the ski has a good amount of contact with the snow and ice, there is still a place where crampons are needed to help keep you safe and upright.

Skiing ice on the downhill, the FINDr 102 does an okay job at holding an edge and taking you where you tell the ski to go. The ski still operates like a lighter backcountry ski and can get a little chattery at times on steeper pitches. To be fair, it’s hard to find a lightweight backcountry ski that can ski icy terrain the same way a heavier all-mountain ski can. While we all want the ski that can do it all and a lot of ski companies market some of their skis this way, I still have yet to find a ski that can get 10’s in every category.

G3 FINDr 102 Ski Features and Specs

  • Weight – 6 lbs, 6 oz
  • Camber – Traditional with an early rise in the tip
  • Ski Core – Canadian aspen wood core
  • Sidewall – PU
  • Laminate – Carbon
  • Dimensions – 133/102/120mm

Final Thoughts

All in all, I have been satisfied with the G3 FINDr 102 backcountry ski, but not over the top impressed with the updated version. The one noticeable difference between this new version and the old version is the magnetic connection points that are a nice-to-have, but not a must-have  As far as the performance of the ski, the new FINDr 102 skis nearly identical to the previous version. Given the previous version is my go-to backcountry ski in which I get out about 30-40 days a year on and I have not wanted to switch ski’s, I see this is a good thing. For more info, visit www.backcountry.com/g3 or www.evo.com/g3.

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