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Velocio Tricolor Jersey and LUXE Bib Short

Design. Ride. Design again. For a company like Velocio who is always trying to perfect their clothing, they make sure that it is built around fit first. Where every fabric, panel, seam, enclosure, and...

Mountain biking socks

Spring 2018 Performance Sock Round Up

Socks are often times one of the last items we think about when we’re hiking, running, riding, etc.  We often look to our shoes, boots, packs, jackets, etc. as the gear heroes in our...

Keen Cat 6 Socks

Keen Cat 6 Ultra Lite Socks Review

The Cat ¼ Crew socks are the second pair of Keen socks I tested and I was just as impressed with these as the first pair. I am now officially hooked on Keen socks. The...