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Velotoze Cycling Accessories Review

First Thoughts On The Velotoze Shoe Covers and Gloves Wind, rain, and cold are the three most dreaded words to a cyclist. Maybe, add “up-hill” to that list, but from a weather related standpoint,...

Castelli Alpha RoS Jersey

Castelli Alpha RoS Jersey Review

The Castelli Alpha RoS Jersey First Impressions Right off the bat, the term “Jersey” in this case can be a bit confusing. It is sort of a jersey/jacket combo with a liner on the...

Columbia Caldorado Beanie

The Columbia Caldorado Beanie Review

Let’s Talk About the Columbia Caldorado Beanie Yep, it’s a beanie, a hat, a lid, a bowler, or a skull cap. Basically, it’s something to keep the noggin’ warm, right?  Not so fast, my...