Eagle Creek Tandem Warrior 22 Review


When you think of carry on roller luggage, the first thing that typically comes to mind is a black bland carry on with one big compartment for everything.  After one look at the Eagle Creek Tandem Warrior 22 you will see this carry on suitcase is anything but typical.  As seen in the picture above, you will notice the main feature of this luggage is that you get two pieces in the form of one.

Where has this luggage been?

I’ve tested out the Eagle Creek Tandem Warrior 22 a number of times including taking it on a number 3-4 work trips and weekend getaways driving up to the mountains from Denver to mountain towns like Steamboat Springs, Aspen, Vail, and more. I’ve used this luggage system for both business professional clothing and accessories as well as outdoor clothing and gear.

Features and Function of the roller Bag

The roller bag portion of the Eagle Creek Tandem Warrior 22 looks like you’re typical carry-on roller bag from the outside, but there are a number of features that help set this bag apart. First, the wheel housing has additional protection helping keep the wheels from getting broken off in the airport luggage systems.  The added plastic also helps protect the roller bag if you like to drag your roller bags up and over curbs, sidewalks, rocks, etc.

Speaking of extra coverage, there is reinforced fabric all around the edges of the roller bag on the Tandem Warrior 22 which is nice for the longevity of the luggage.  For standing the roller bag up, there is a stabilizing kick stand that keeps the bag from falling over.  This works most of the time, but I found the bag would tip over more when it wasn’t connected to the duffle bag.

Inside of Tandem Warrior 22

As for the inside of this roller bag, there is not a lot of frills to it.  In essence, it’s your normal 22 inch roller bag on the inside with the exception to the compression straps that come in handy when you are trying to make your load a little smaller.  On the outside of this bag are additional straps that you can use for anything that you want to store on the outside of the bag.  I generally use these straps for recently worn and stinky running or hiking shoes.  The handle on this bag is solid and sturdy so it doesn’t bend and get all wobbly after 6 months of use.  The handle housing has a zipper compartment to close it off from outside elements and it also has a gear loop for bike or ski helmets.

Features and Function of the Eagle Creek Tandem Warrior 22 Duffle Bag

One of the main features that makes the Eagle Creek Tandem Warrior 22 super cool is that it comes along with a shoulder duffle bag that zips onto the outside of the roller bag.  The duffle portion of the luggage system is a little more tricked out compared to the roller bag.  To start, there is the main compartment that can hold plenty of gear or normal clothes.  For summer adventures, you can get away using this bag for weekend getaways to pack a couple pairs of pants and shirts and your typical outdoor gear such as technical pants and shirts and running shorts.  And if you really want to geek out, you can store your socks and underwear in one of the two outside compartments.  The other zippered compartment can be used for your typical toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, and such.  If you are by chance an organizational geek, we recommend you take a look at our review of the Eagle Creek Cubes  There are also two large heavy duty cinch straps on the outside of the duffle which you can strap things on to that either don’t fit in the bag or you don’t want in the bag.

One thing that I think is important in luggage is how it can be carried.  For 80% of the time, you use the main aluminum handle on the roller bag or the shoulder strap.  The other 20% of the time you are carrying tons of gear or you overpacked and need other ways to carry your luggage.  The handle on the outside of this bag(shows in the picture in yellow) makes it handy to pick up when the duffle is connected to the roller bag.

Design That Turns Heads

In my humble opinion, I think the design of the Eagle Creek Tandem Warrior 22 rocks.  It is far from the look of the average carry on roller bag.  The luggage system comes in 3 colors, blue, black, and green and the color combos that accompany the main colors really make these bags pop.  Everytime I travel through the airports, I often get people staring at my luggage and even turning the head as I walk the other way to check out my luggage.


There is one downside to the Eagle Creek Tandem Warrior 22 and that is when you are using the two bags as one, you don’t get as much room as when you use the two bags separately. This means that when you stuff one of the bags full, it often expands into where the space of the other bag.  This is not a deal breaker by any means, but it is worth noting.  The other downside is that when you you have both bags connected, you have to open up two zippered compartments to get to the contents inside the roller bag.  This means that when the bags are connected, it is not feasible to open up the roller bag completely without taking off the outside duffle.  This is as expected, but it initially comes as a surprise and I see it as a very small downside.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Eagle Creek Tandem Warrior is a great two in one bag that can be used for both business and pleasure travel.  Through all my uses, I have really enjoyed using this luggage overall and it has become a staple in my travels for both air and car.  For more information, please visit EagleCreek.com

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