Thule Legend GoPro Backpack Review

Thule Legend GoPro Backpack

The category of action camera packs is stuffed full of many brands, styles and different options. It can be quite a challenge to find the company that makes the perfect pack to satisfy all of one’s design, storage and mounting needs. All the while still being practical, comfortable and durable. Enter the Thule Legend GoPro Backpack, an answer to the call, “Which action camera bag will do it all?” Let’s check it out….

Thule Legend GoPro Backpack


The Thule Legend GoPro Backpack is designed to give you an almost 360 degree recordable video viewing area with it’s front and rear GoPro mounts. Being able to record with the front and rear cameras, makes sure that you don’t miss a beat of the action. Skiing, snowboarding, hiking or just a walk with the family, the possibilities are endless and the perspective is always unique.

GoPro Chest Mount
GoPro Chest Mount
GoPro Rear Mount
GoPro Rear Mount

The Thule backpack is equipped with oversized zipper pulls on the front crush proof action camera compartment and the main large storage compartment, that allows for ease of access even when your hands are gloved. The pack has a sleek design that gives you the feel of a comfortable and secure hiking pack, while being lightweight enough that it never feels like a burden or gets in the way of any of your activities. On the subject of activities, you will need to stay hydrated and who wants to carry around a water bottle, well Thule thought about this and installed a dedicated pocket for an optional hydration reservoir (reservoir is not included with the pack).

Loops for the Reservoir Tube
Hydration Reservoir Pocket
Exit Port for the Reservoir Tube


The Thule Legend backpack is an organizational carryall that seems to have the perfect spot for everything. The rear crushproof padded compartment offers up enough space to store 3 action cameras, remote controls, batteries, chargers and mounts. I don’t own three action cameras, but I did manage to fill up and organize all of my important action camera items into this pocket. The die cut foam pad is removable for cleaning and or storage of the action cameras. The rear front cover offers up two zippered pockets on the inside that is great for SD cards, batteries, and cables.

Rear Crushproof Organizer is Removable
Rear Crushproof Compartment
Two Pockets on the Rear Pouch

The upper rear pocket works great for storing small tripods, battery mount sticks and selfie sticks. The middle upper pocket is lined with a soft felt fabric, perfect for stashing a smartphone, sunglasses and a wallet. And last but not least on the main pack is the large main zippered compartment which has the dedicated hydration reservoir pocket, if you don’t need a hydration reservoir this also makes for a perfect laptop pocket. Within the large compartment you will also find two mesh pockets, one that works perfectly for a tablet and on the opposite side a smaller one that is an ideal spot for snacks, keys, bug spray or sunscreen. Leaving the remaining room in the main compartment for a complete picnic lunch, a day’s worth of clothes or even room enough for a DSLR and a lens or two (granted you will want to invest in a small padded insert case for the DSLR).

Rear Upper Pocket
Middle Upper Pocket
Large Main Compartment

Onto the outside of the Thule Legend and you have left and right hand pockets for sliding in tripods, monopods, or even a spot to stick water bottles. When carrying a tripod or a monopod the backpack has two cinch snap lock straps on each side to secure the pods in place. And just incase you didn’t think that you had quite enough storage, Thule has included a removeable waistbelt that has two zippered pockets one on each side, a great place to put snacks or drop your phone or gps device in for quick access.

Left Side of Pack
Waistbelt Storage
Right Side of Pack


Now that we know the Thule Legend can carry and organize everything including the kitchen sink, how does this pack ride fully loaded? The answer is Fantastic! I have taken it on numerous hikes, walks, bike rides and even a run. After you get all of your gear loaded on board the key is to cinch all of the straps down and get it dialed in to just the right fit. The ergonomic shoulder straps rest easily on your shoulders while the adjustable compression strap across the chest and the removable waistbelt that eliminate all bounce from the pack. I still have not found a reason to remove the waistbelt as it provides ease of extra storage and more comfort. But if there is a need, it is completely removable or it can even be tucked into the back of the pack. The cushioned rear of the pack sits comfortably against your back while still allowing for airflow through the vented air gaps.

Tucked in Waistbelt
Adjustable Straps and Vented Air Gaps
Removable Waistbelt


Final Thoughts

The Thule Legend GoPro backpack offers up so much in terms of quality, storage and comfort, that it is hard not to call this pack PERFECT. So, I will, this bag is now my PERFECT go to pack for my action camera adventures. If you are looking for an action camera backpack that does it all right, go and check this one out, you will not be disappointed.

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Mark Ranum: Mark is an outdoor adventure seeker, living in the beautiful state of Michigan. He loves trekking hundreds of miles through the wilderness, whether on two feet or two wheels, always looking for the next new trail or road to see where it will take him.
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