Timbuk2 Skinny Wallet Review

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After four long years, I have finally updated my wallet to the Timbuk2 Skinny Wallet and I couldn’t be happier! Everything I loathed about my previous wallet, Timbuk2 has thought of and improved upon with the Skinny Wallet.

Timbuk2 Skinny Wallet Specs

The Skinny Wallet is super light, weighing in at 3.2 ounces; making it perfect for travel as well as every day use. The outer of the Timbuk2 Skinny Wallet is composed of durable ballistic nylon, like their tried and true messenger bags. The ballistic nylon is backed with a plastic layer that lines the wallet, which will help to keep your wallets’ contents dry if you find yourself out in the elements. There are seven soft suede card slots to keep your debit-credit-AAA-and insurance cards secure and organized. There is also a plastic, clear ID pocket, with an open circle to make it easier to get your card in and out without slowing down the security line at the airport. There are two slim pockets that run the length of the wallet, hidden behind the card slots and coin/ID card slots. Timbuk2 states that you can place a checkbook in one of these slots. I didn’t find this to be the case because it made the Skinny Wallet not so skinny. The top pocket was not deep enough and prevented complete closure of the wallet. Rather, I used these pockets to carry my cash (in the upper) and a few receipts and stamps (in the lower pocket).

Timbuk2’s Skinny Wallet features a dedicated coin pocket, orange in the photo above. I am not a big fan of this pocket as it is difficult to close the snap pocket and the fold over design occupies a lot of space on the right side of the Skinny Wallet. If you have more than a few coins in this pocket it makes the wallet unbalanced and difficult to close the outer. Perhaps a zippered coin slot would be better to keep with the theme of space saving and slim design.

Skinny Wallet Style

The Timbuk2 Skinny Wallet features a trifold construction with magnetic grommets to provide secure closure. I have never owned a wallet with this closure system and find myself double checking to ensure that the wallet has closed completely. The system seems durable, however a few more months of use will provide more complete feedback. There is a removable wrist strap, which is a nice addition to add some security while carrying the wallet by itself or for securing within a bag or purse while traveling. At the rear of the wallet there is an external slot to store bus or train passes. Please note that if the pass is a similar size to a credit card, approximately 1.5″ of the card will remain outside the pocket.

Currently, the Timbuk2 Skinny Wallet is only available in two colors: black with black stitching and gray suede inner and dark brown with orange stitching and gray suede inner lining. Timbuk2 is known for their amazing color combinations and I would love to see a few more color combinations, including vibrant and earth toned.

For more info on the Skinny Wallet and other Timbuk2 products, visit www.timbuk2.com

MSRP $44

Dimensions: 3.5″ x 7.9″ x 0.8″  and weighs 0.2 lbs or 3.2 oz

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