Costa Del Mar KC Sunglasses Review

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Costa Del Mar KC Sunglasses

Can’t say I am a big Kenny Chesney (KC) fan, but he seems to be in rarified air when it comes to the Country Music World. Costa Del Mar has worked with Mr. Chesney on a handful of frames, and all have a certain style and flare to them. I would say that these Costa Del Mar KC Sunglasses sport a simple, stylish, and classic throwback look. Great for everyday wear as well as out on the water. Plenty of Sunshine here in Colorado (we do lack some of that water though), and I have plenty of high altitude treks planned to put these to good use.

First Thoughts On The Costa Del Mar KC Sunglasses

I have worn a pair of Costa Sunglasses before, and the quality and clarity of the lens was something that really stood out to me. Factor in the wide assortment of styles, lenses, colors, and prescription options, and you have a recipe for concocting a set of spectacles that can be customized to suit your very own personal taste and needs. Even though I am an active guy, I would categorize these as a great daily pair of sunglasses, and a perfect addition for any leisurely or passive activities you might enjoy.

Out of the box – A stylish case and cleansing wipe.


  • Comfortable small fit.
  • Integral hinge.
  • Corrosion-resistant Monel® frame.
  • Includes hard case.
  • 100% UV light blockage for max protection.
  • 100% polarization kills reflected glare and reduces eye strain.
  • Built by hand and backed for life. Every pair of Costas includes a lifetime warranty.
  • Plastic lenses are lightweight, impact- and scratch-resistant.
  • Glass lenses have the greatest clarity and are scratch resistant.
  • This style is prescription ready, click here to learn more about Costa prescriptions.

Costa Del Mar KC Integral Hinge

Performance of the Costa Del Mar KC Sunglasses

Have you ever been on your feet all day, and then you finally get a chance to sit down in your favorite and most comfortable chair or couch? Take that “aaaahhh” moment and feeling of relief and transfer it to your eyes. I have been testing these Costa KC Sunglasses in a very bright and sunny Colorado these past few months. At my base or everyday living elevation, I am 1 mile closer to the sun then most. With a bunch of fun and active weekends spent playing in the mountains, I have actually been 2 or more miles up in elevation. The sun is bright and really works your eyes if you happen to be without the proper sunglasses.

What came as the biggest surprise of all is that the “aaaahhh” feeling was even more evident in a partly cloudy/sunny sky. It seems odd that my eyes would be strained with clouds around, but for some reason I was in full squint mode. I put these Costa Del Mar KC sunglasses on, and the relief was instant. The reddish brown hue along with the 100% polarization takes care of the reflected glare allowing my eyes to completely relax and focus on the task at hand; driving my little ones to school.

The KC’s have been a real welcome to my daily commutes.

Stylish – let’s talk about looks. This Kenny Chesney guy must have had some input into these sunglasses because I feel good. I mean I feel stylish, slick, and smooth like a country music rock star. The simple design works well for my face (I think), and has a simplistic general appeal that would work for many. The frame is straight forward and quite sturdy. Being that they are corrosion resistant is a nice bonus to combat the elements especially any salt spray you may encounter while on the water. With a few adjustment, the frame also has a nice snug fit without being overly tight. I ran some technical trails with these on, and experienced little to no bounce. The silver platinum coloring works well with any attire, but my pool shorts and sandals have been its best apparel match.

We have seen our typical Blue Bird sunny days here along the Colorado front range, and up in the high country. After a couple of months of wearing these, I do not leave the house without my Costa Del KC Sunglasses. Even a simple walk around the neighborhood without eye protection leaves me fiercely squinting and with time will give me a slight headache. Hence, these shades are truly a huge factor in my overall happiness and well-being.

This was one of those sunny/hazy days at the Botanical Gardens. Quite crisp and clean outlook.

I push my little ones around on a stroller a lot, and wore the KC’s a handful of times while running. They are not necessarily designed as a ‘sport’ pair of sunglasses, but they functioned just fine for the handful of miles that we covered. Because these have the Glass lenses, they are slightly heavier and with temperatures into the 90’s they did start to slide a little as I started to sweat. I don’t have a problem wearing them for a shorter run, but will go to something a little more ‘sportier’ for a more serious running or cycling.

The best performance I got out of these was while driving and spending time on a lake. For driving, the Costa Del Mar sunglasses truly took the sun’s rays and dampened the effect allowing me to focus on the road and scenery. They surface area is large enough so that I had enough coverage while being able to get some peripheral context without having to move my head all too much.

Hiking above 10,000 ft.

We spent a great long weekend in the mountains on Twin Lakes near Leadville, CO. This is the highest incorporated town in the United States, so being nearly 2 miles up in altitude does make for a more intense sun experience. Add in the reflection of the water, and you have a variety of challenges on your hands (hydration, oxygen, altitude, and sun exposure for skin and eyes). Each needs to be addressed, and I am happy to report that my eyes were quite happy while wearing the Costa Del Mar KC sunglasses.

Going with a Glass lens versus a Plastic lens, I did sacrifice some weight. The plastic lenses are also impact resistant which would be great. I fall into the clumsy category at times, so that would have been nice. However, both lenses are scratch resistant, so the occasional bump or heaven forbid a drop, won’t cause too much damage. Where I did come out on top with the glass lens option was the higher quality of the clarity that is provided. My regular daily glasses have the same exact prescription, but I almost would rather wear these sunglasses because the clarity is a step above. I am literally raving about these shades to all my friends because of the crispness and visibility I have gained.

And as I mentioned before, they functioned above and beyond when the clouds did roll in. Completely cloudy is one thing, but that hazy cloud cover or intermittent conditions were the real bright spot for these KC’s. Aside from not really being able to use this specific style for hard core active use, they are quite versatile for the varying weather conditions you may encounter. A more passive activity like walking, fishing, pleasure boating, or hiking will make these Costa Del Mar KC sunglasses an excellent partner.

Relaxing by the pool.

I have yet to drop them, bump into anything, or been assaulted by a Barbie doll. Hence, I can’t speak to their durability over the long haul or under extreme duress, but they are built by hand so I do have confidence in their longevity.

Available Frame Colors: Palladium, Gunmetal, Rose Gold, Palladium with Crystal Red Temples

Available Plastic Lens Colors: Copper, Blue Mirror, Green Mirror, Copper, and Gray

Available Glass Color Options: Blue Mirror, Green Mirror, Copper, and Gray

Here are some steps to take to see what prescription would work for you. Options are provided to see the breakdown between all the colors, and if glass or plastic would work. Click HERE

It’s good to be Kenny Chesney. I got my KC’s, now I need that plane….

Final Thoughts on the Costa Del Mar KC Sunglasses

Proceeds generated from the sale of the Costa Kenny Chesney Limited Edition Sunglasses will benefit the Coastal Conservation Association, a shared cause for both Chesney and Costa. A nice added benefit, so you know that there’s a higher purpose behind purchasing a pair. The all-around fit and comfort is great, but the crispness and clarity of the lenses is the real bright spot. Don’t leave home without them!

MSRP for the frame: $199. For prescription options, please contact Costa with your specific requirements to get an idea of cost.

For more information on the KC Sunglasses or eyewear from Costa, visit

Niels Oomkes: I am a multi-sport endurance athlete, and love to get out into the great outdoors to push the body to its limit. Most of my weekend expeditions, adventures, trips, or vacations are planned around running, biking, snowshoeing, camping, or anything else that will allow me to enjoy nature's exquisite beauty.
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